Was there ever a moment where you’re in a place that is so beautiful you cannot help but be teary-eyed?

That’s how I felt with Everland.

From it’s beautiful landscape, thrilling rides, up to its lazy pandas, the place was just so beautiful.

I conquered this golden roller coaster.

And met this really sloppy panda.

This must only be the place where there are friendly and goofy horror characters.

I am now wondering why did I visit Everland just now?

I am now having lunch and I have a lot more time to explorer before the fireworks festival at 7 PM. If ever you will be in Korea, don’t forget this place!



I have always believed that spring is my favorite season. There is something about the wind blowing and cherry blossoms dancing in the air.

Then again, nothing in life is easy. When you are presented with this view, life could never be the same again.

I fell in love with autumn. It’s like a child’s coloring gone awry. There’s a sense of comfort in the fact that these green leaves are now orange, yellow, or red.

Now, what will I tell people what my favorite season is? That, I still have to figure out.


Last time I was here, I had the wrong decision of booking for an atrocious budget accommodation. This time, I said, I wouldn’t subject myself to such situation ever again. 

So, I waited and asked this amazing deal at K-Grand Hostel near Sangwangsimni Station. This neighborhood isn’t a stranger to me. 

So, here I am, preparing breakfast which I don’t usually do because I love sleeping in.

Welcome to the Homeland

First, I would like to comment Cebu Pacific Air because the flight arrived 40 minutes early. My problem of getting to Seoul via cheapest alternative just became feasible.

Then, to Shinhan Bank for awesome exchange rates. 

I remember what the head flight crew said during landing, “If Incheon is your destination, welcome home.” I suddenly felt all giddy inside.  It was a busy couple of weeks and I couldn’t think about this trip. So, as soon as I realized I am in kpop land again, the feelings from my first trip to Korea overflowed.

I feel like this trip is gonna be awesome.

Back At It

I am gonna leave my normal life for now.  This is probably the only trip, so far, that I am taking just for the sake of escape.

I am leaving the worries behind and return with a rejuvenate feeling and a clear mind. So help me.

Can’t wait to be back in my second home. 한국! 진짜 보고십다!



Taken at: Tagbilaran Port in Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines

It was one of the worst feelings ever. The seas were rough. The people who knew I was coming were so concerned because the ferry from Bohol to Cebu got cancelled because of the waves.

So many people from the boat vomited because of nausea. The number was more than half of the total passengers. It was that bad.

I would probably not do this again; or more specifically, not do it again during this time.



Taken at: Casa Verde, Ayala Center in Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

I just realized that I am alone in Cebu tonight. My colleagues have moved on to their next assignments. So, what better way to spend this cold, rainy night but with the most comforting food Cebu can offer.

Casa Verde offers steak at very low prices. They have delicious food and you wouldn’t realize you’re in Cebu. I sat at the bar because I didn’t mind and I don’t want to wait for a regular table to free up. I had pasta and steak and a delicious milkshake.





Taken at: Quest Hotel in Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

It was a rainy night in Cebu. Thankfully, I am in the comfort of my favorite hotel this side of the planet. If ever you’re in town, don’t think about checking in at Quest Hotel. It’s just across Ayala Center so you wouldn’t worry about where to eat, where to buy stuff, and where t get your daily coffee fix.