Eventful Weekend

This weekend was one for the books. It was definitely tiring but it was also a great way to bring myself back on track.

Korean Class

We didn’t have class last time. The teacher had to attend to something. Without the class, it seemed like a part of me was missing. This weekend, we learned about asking where something is and some activities like (to go and to do). I am actually learning a lot and watching Korean dramas have become easier.

Hoping that I will get good grades so I can continue on to the next module.

Volleyball at Home Court Gym

My teammates and I scheduled a reunion game. It was 2 years since we all played together and the company one-day league prompted us to want to play with each other again. It was full of fun and I was actually more tired from laughing rather than from the play itself.

It was a (sort of) goodbye game for one of our teammates who’s going to Canade for post-grad studies. I hope that she will be successful in this endeavor.

MMVL Off-Season Tournament

Although we lost, it was still a good game for us. The scores were 26-24 and 26-24. If only we had more fight in us, we could have ended the first set easily. It was a learning experience, definitely. It was also the first time played together so it was like testing the waters.

I am hoping that we will fare better, and win the game, the next time around.


With all that’s happened this weekend, am I ready for Monday? The first order of business tomorrow is to write down everything that I have to do for the week.

AJA. AJA. Fighting.



Taken at: General Ordonez Street in Marikina City, Philippines

It has been a rough couple of weeks. I was demotivated to do anything.

While I’m on my way home, after a tough loss in volleyball, I found this sunset. It had a faint tint of orange with a gradient towards pink. If I were in an open field, it would have been better.

But, I stopped for a couple of minutes and just stared at the sky. If you were a passerby you’d be wondering what I’m looking at. I have my gym bag on my right shoulder and a shopping bag on the left.

I was thinking why I am so much focused on the problems when there are so many things to appreciate. There are so many good things in this world and we should not forget that.


Not the cute ones though.

Okay, I’ll let you into a little secret.

I loved tonight. I only wanted to try it but it sucked me further and further when I felt that I had power.

Then it came to me, why didn’t I do it before? Why did I discover the excitement I am getting from it just now?

I wish I knew it sooner because the satisfaction was amazing.

Trolling. On social media. Not the bad one.


I was actually going for a sensitive topic on efficiency and airport management. Somehow, others were thinking on a shallow perspective and that was where the disconnect started.

Then it turned ugly for them since they launched personal attacks which I was able to avoid but not without having to control my own feelings. I still got affected but not in the way that I could resort to using ad hominem attacks too.

In the end, I felt like it was a success. I was able to bury 3 people in the mud made out of their own logical fallacies.

Although it was enjoyable. It was also exhausting.


Would I do it again? Definitely. But not in the near future.



Taken at: Gozum Residence in Marikina City, Philippines

While she is being accustomed to being outside, she looks for things to play with. The worst of it all, she chose to play with mud and dirt. She always looks so dirty from all the rolling in the (deep, hehe) earth. Also, she gets a lot of ticks from there (and big ones too)!