Taken at: Homecourt Gym in Mandaluyong City, Philippines

We held the leveling event for the company volleyball tournament. It was fun. And I definitely learned that a lot of employees are very interested in playing volleyball! We are now planning on forming a volleyball club for the company where we can play on a regular basis!

That’s me trying to be a setter, by the way.

Solo Travel

Some background:

I booked my July flight to Seoul under the promise to a friend that if I were given a multiple entry, I will go with him on this crazy adventure. When I filed for a visa application last February, I was given a multiple entry visa to South Korea.

So, as soon as I knew of a seat sale, I instantly booked tickets. However, my friend had other things in mind as he wanted to go to Busan first before going to Boryeong. Me, having booked separate tickets to Busan, didn’t want to waste any day traveling (he had a one day lead time over me) stayed in Seoul.

And, alas. A semi-solo travel.

I was initially fazed by the idea. But, knowing that I will have my own legitimate solo travel on November made me accept the fact that this could be my trial voyage.

I am now laughing at myself when I was scared of being in Seoul alone.

I LOVED SOLO TRAVEL. And I guess, it helped that I was in South Korea which I have visited before. Also, I am now armed with the ability to speak their language albeit the limited vocabulary.

So, here are the reasons why I loved solo travel:

  1. There are no schedules to follow. I can make up my own itinerary at any point in time. I can even change them while riding the subway.
  2. I am on my own pace. I eat when I get hungry. I walk on my own rhythm.
  3. I actually like the quiet and I don’t feel the need to fill in the silence.
  4. I can do things because I feel like I am a different person and nobody knows who I am. I feel a little more shameless and confident.

I think that everyone should travel alone once in their lifetimes. Although, it may not be suitable to different personality types. I am an introvert and I really like (and don’t mind) being alone.

Now, I am more excited about November.



Taken at: Liwasang Kalayaan in Marikina City, Philippines

I was happy when I felt the rewards of my diet and efforts. My skinny jeans are not skinny anymore! I also lost 3 kilograms. Although 3 kilograms for the amount of time trying to lose weight might not be proportional, I am just happy that I am progressing!

77 kilograms is reached. The next target is 72 kilograms! Let’s do this!