Back At It

I am gonna leave my normal life for now.  This is probably the only trip, so far, that I am taking just for the sake of escape.

I am leaving the worries behind and return with a rejuvenate feeling and a clear mind. So help me.

Can’t wait to be back in my second home. 한국! 진짜 보고십다!




Taken at: I’M Hotel in Makati City, Philippines

I’m just gonna use this book as a pillow and maybe the information will flow into my brain.



Taken at: Liwasang Kalayaan in Marikina City, Philippines

I was happy when I felt the rewards of my diet and efforts. My skinny jeans are not skinny anymore! I also lost 3 kilograms. Although 3 kilograms for the amount of time trying to lose weight might not be proportional, I am just happy that I am progressing!

77 kilograms is reached. The next target is 72 kilograms! Let’s do this!


Last week has been a productive workweek for me. It’s the most productive week in quite a long while.

This coming week, I will try to continue with the momentum before heading off to vacation next week.

I’m just putting it out here like a silent contract, like a promise. This, alongside my plans of being fit again, are the things I’m working on right now.

Hopefully, I get the willpower I need to see this through. Fighting!