Taken at: Mendokoro Ramenba in Makati City, Philippines

They listed this place as one of the best ramen finds in the Metro. And, boy, they did not disappoint!

They have limited seats so you might have to wait a while if there are customers. You don’t get to choose to be seated together because you get what you can – seats and all. They are solely focused on ramen with some sides like gyoza.

The ramen was delicious especially the broth. The noodles are firm just the way I like it. The chashu was the perfect addition to the broth and noodles. It was the perfect bowl of ramen!

Sorry, Ramen Nagi. There’s a new favorite in town.


A Week in Malaysia: Day 4

Don’t kill me but today was such a lazy day. After all the commotion of Days 1 to 3, we decided to take it really slow. So slow, we didn’t go anywhere notable.


We actually, went on a chocolate run. We received reports that chocolates are really cheap here in Malaysia. So, to source these chocolates, we made our way to MyDin near Pasar Seni station. Here, we found Cadburry bars for MYR 5.80. So, a PHP 120 bar of chocolate can be bought for just PHP 70, loosely converted.


It was lunch time by then, so we made our way to Hakka Restaurant behind Pavillion Mall. Thank you, GoKL buses!


Hakka Restaurant is listed as one of the best eats in Kuala Lumpur. Hakka Restaurant has been here since 1956.




They have the sweetest honeydew drink which I really though will really just taste like water.


This is our menu for today: spicy shrimp (but awfully delicious), kangkong sauteed in garlic, fried chicken, and Hakka style noodles. It was filling and very delicious. No wonder they stayed here for 61 years. And, there were a lot of Chinese customers – so it probably rings well as a Chinese restaurant.



After a blissful lunch, we went back to the apartment, had our siesta, dipped into the pool, looked at the Merdaka Day celebrations, and drank to our hearts’ content.




That was the 4th day.






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Taken at: Sodam Restaurant in San Juan City, Philippines

So, we tried this Korean buffet in Little Baguio, San Juan. I was relieved that they have a lot of food options. But, was a little disappointed that some do not feel authentic Korean to me. Also, they use pechay instead of lettuce for their samgyeopsal.

Still, it was a good lunch and very filling.



Taken at: Hakka Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dined in one of the oldest restaurants in KL and it didn’t disappoint. Just a precaution though, included in their fame and history is the price of their food. But, it was definitely worth it.

Shizen Ramen

I walk past this shop whenever I go home but I never bothered stepping inside.

To be honest, the outside display is cute. Also, the shop isn’t that big. The place could probably hold at most 20 people inside.



We sat on the bar because the place was full even if it was already 9:20 PM. We ordered the Beast Ramen – pork bone broth, chashu, beef strips, corn, spring onions, and tamago.


It was indeed a beast! The bowl was bigger than my face. And for the price of PHP 310, the taste wasn’t bad! In fact, it was better than what I expected. They got the noodles right – firm with a bit into it. The only thing I will probably comment was the egg. It lacked a little flavor but was cooked right.

The place is quaint and homey.


I am surprised that I didn’t try eating here. Now, I have a place to go for not-so-late cravings. The next time, I’ll try the other items on the menu.


First Real Meal

Last April, I fell in love with this udon store named Marugame Udon. You choose what you want to include in your meal. There also choices for tempura and other deep fried Japanese comfort food.

So, when I returned to come back, I had to return to this place.

I can’t say the exact location but it’s in front of the Chinese embassy. It’s on the alley beside the Starbucks across from Lotte Young Mall.



Taken at: UnionBank Plaza in Pasig City, Philippines

Yesterday, my colleagues told me that we’ll be ordering Frankie’s today. I immediately decided on getting the salted egg variant. Ever since this salted egg craze hit the Metro and after Frankie’s included it in their menu, I wanted to try it so bad.

To be honest, it did not disappoint. It was on point. The salted egg sauce wasn’t icky and too overpowering. It was the perfect definition of salted egg glazed fried chicken.

Definitely worth the craving!