Taken at: Mendokoro Ramenba in Makati City, Philippines

They listed this place as one of the best ramen finds in the Metro. And, boy, they did not disappoint!

They have limited seats so you might have to wait a while if there are customers. You don’t get to choose to be seated together because you get what you can – seats and all. They are solely focused on ramen with some sides like gyoza.

The ramen was delicious especially the broth. The noodles are firm just the way I like it. The chashu was the perfect addition to the broth and noodles. It was the perfect bowl of ramen!

Sorry, Ramen Nagi. There’s a new favorite in town.




Taken at: Shachihoko Ramen in Marikina City, Philippines

Glad to have the whole family available for a birthday dinner. I wanted to go Thai but there wasn’t enough room for all of us; but, ramen isn’t too bad especially when you’re with loved ones.

Shizen Ramen

I walk past this shop whenever I go home but I never bothered stepping inside.

To be honest, the outside display is cute. Also, the shop isn’t that big. The place could probably hold at most 20 people inside.



We sat on the bar because the place was full even if it was already 9:20 PM. We ordered the Beast Ramen – pork bone broth, chashu, beef strips, corn, spring onions, and tamago.


It was indeed a beast! The bowl was bigger than my face. And for the price of PHP 310, the taste wasn’t bad! In fact, it was better than what I expected. They got the noodles right – firm with a bit into it. The only thing I will probably comment was the egg. It lacked a little flavor but was cooked right.

The place is quaint and homey.


I am surprised that I didn’t try eating here. Now, I have a place to go for not-so-late cravings. The next time, I’ll try the other items on the menu.




Taken at: Gozum Residence in Marikina City

Today, we tried this hot chicken flavor ramen (buldak bokkeumyeon, 불닭볶음면). From the smell of it alone, you will have an idea of how spicy this one is.


It would be better if it had more cheese. It took four full-grown adults and two pitchers of water to finish this.



Taken at: The Podium in Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Today, there was a mall-wide sale at The Podium today. Ramen Nagi was offering two bowls of ramen for only PHP 600.

In the list of the best ramen bowls in the Philippines, I have Ramen Nagi at second best. I love their butao ramen especially when the noodle is a little hard and there is little spice. The pork belly tastes so delicious and it’s so tender.

Akamaru Chashu by Ippudo Philippines

Nested in Megamall’s Mega Fashion Hall is Ippudo Philippines. Just 2 years in the Philippine scene, it battles with tried and tested restaurants for a share of the ramen market in the Metro.


To be honest, it was a bit of a letdown for me. The serving was big. The spice was something I can handle. However, it was a bit too oily and salty for me. My chashu were on the thinner side of things.

To say things bluntly, I’ve had better.

What I like, though, are the noodles. I like my noodles a little less than al dente. I like a bite. The noodles with medium hardness did that for me.

The ramen was something worth trying. Will I return to Ippudo Philippines? Yes; probably to try the other items on the menu. The gyoza looks good.