Welcome to the Homeland

First, I would like to comment Cebu Pacific Air because the flight arrived 40 minutes early. My problem of getting to Seoul via cheapest alternative just became feasible.

Then, to Shinhan Bank for awesome exchange rates. 

I remember what the head flight crew said during landing, “If Incheon is your destination, welcome home.” I suddenly felt all giddy inside.  It was a busy couple of weeks and I couldn’t think about this trip. So, as soon as I realized I am in kpop land again, the feelings from my first trip to Korea overflowed.

I feel like this trip is gonna be awesome.


A Week in Malaysia: Day 1


We had a 7:30 AM flight via PAL. We didn’t wait long but there was a 15 minute delay with our flight. Not complaining though.


I love the leg room. Thanks, PAL!




Here’s our first look of Malaysia!


Landing at KLIA!


KLIA is also big so you have to take the Aerotrain to the main terminal.


Upon claiming our baggage, we went to the bus terminal, on the building in front of the airport, for buses bound for KL Sentral. The bus costs MYR 10.




Upon arrival in KL Sentral, we booked a Grab car (RM 5) going to our accommodations. It would be a hassle to go through the subway with our luggage.

The Petronas Towers is just nearby! Say, hello!


After checking in, we went to the nearby Suria KLCC for some lunch. Found this claypot stall at the 4th floor and ordered a chicken and mushroom claypot rice for RM 9.50.




After lunch, we went to MITEC, the venue of the SEA Games volleyball. Unfortunately, due to the number of Thai fans, we weren’t able to go inside the venue. We tried looking for events to watch but, to no avail, there weren’t any.


So, we decided to go back to our apartment.


At around the very late sunset, we decided to go to KLCC Park and ogle at the beautiful Petronas Towers.




We wanted to eat dinner but a lot of the establishments around our area are drinking spots. So, we decided to go to Bukit Bintang for dinner. We rode their monorail. One ride was MYR 0.90.




But, instead of just Bukit Bintang, we found ourselves wandering around Jalan Alor.



What initially caught my eye are these dimsum buffets! I love dimsum. And the rate of 9 pieces for MYR 10 is a great buy. These are big dimsum and very filling.



We settled in this restaurant at the end of the street. Then, we realized that our food budget wouldn’t be enough. And we needed to revise our budget.  I ordered fried rice and salted egg squid for RM 30. But, the squid could feed two more people so you can split the cost.



And, look, they’re barbecuing lamb (which they call kambing) on the street. Coincidentally, we also call lamb, kambing which makes me believe that we got it from them.






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Mad Dash

From the KTX, we should be alighting at Cheonan-Asan station to take the Saemaeul to Daecheon. 

The train was supposed to leave at 10:56 AM. When we arrived, we saw that it was 10:53 AM. With tons of luggage on my back, we hurriedly ran through the length of the station towards the connecting Asan station. 

Good thing, though, that the train was a little delayed.