Mad Dash

From the KTX, we should be alighting at Cheonan-Asan station to take the Saemaeul to Daecheon. 

The train was supposed to leave at 10:56 AM. When we arrived, we saw that it was 10:53 AM. With tons of luggage on my back, we hurriedly ran through the length of the station towards the connecting Asan station. 

Good thing, though, that the train was a little delayed.

On the way back to Seoul

When traveling to Korea (and Japan), one must remember how incredibly large and conplex their subway / train stations are.

I actually have a booked Mugunghwa ticket back to Seoul but that’s scheduled at 11 PM. Since I am not watching the Poland and Colombia match, I decided to go back to Seoul early.

The next direct train is an hour from now which is also the length of time it takes to reach Seoul via metro subway.

So, here I am, waiting for the train after  waiting so long at the other platform. Good thing, I didn’t ride the first train that passed by.