Holiday within a holiday

Happy Merdeka Day to the Malaysian people! Most people are on holiday right now since there will also be no work tomorrow!

We are now on our way to Melaka or what the Europeans thought to be the island of spice.


Bus Ride!

We are now on a bus going to BiƱan, Laguna. This should take around 2 hours. I haven’t had any breakfast so it was fortunate that there’s a nearby McDonald’s!

I will drink my delicious McCoffee and see you when I get there!

Train to Suwon

I am now in the Mugunghwa train bound for Dongdaegu. I will get off at Suwon station and it’s estimated to take around 30 minutes.

I bought this ticket online but you can always buy on the day itself. I just want everything covered just in case. 

Also, Suwon is connected to the Seoul subway system. However, that takes around an hour if you’re coming from Myeongdong.