Year 2018.

The whole year was in limbo. It was a rediscovery of things that I can and should do. It was a bit of a year where understanding of one’s self is essential in moving on with life. It was like taking out the weeds and making sure that the seeds are being planted in better soil.


Year 2019.

We are trying to grow the seeds into a better fruit-bearing plant. This year we will try to be more careful with our actions. Each action shall be well-thought-out. The operative word being TRY. Although, failure should never be considered and we have no room for complacency.

We are not getting any younger. A better life should be seen in the horizon. It is time for some longer term plans.


The Return

There was once a man who clearly stumbled. He saw the obstacle but he didn’t pay it no mind. While going on his way, he, again, stumbled. It was the same obstacle as before. Without any injury in sight, he continued on his way.

This happened multiple times. With injuries so minor that he didn’t even pay attention. But there were so many minor injuries that it looked like a major injury. It was too late when the man even realized what was happening.

It was months of recovery and recuperation. The man hasn’t fully recovered yet but he’ll get there. Hopefully, soon.


I have always believed that spring is my favorite season. There is something about the wind blowing and cherry blossoms dancing in the air.

Then again, nothing in life is easy. When you are presented with this view, life could never be the same again.

I fell in love with autumn. It’s like a child’s coloring gone awry. There’s a sense of comfort in the fact that these green leaves are now orange, yellow, or red.

Now, what will I tell people what my favorite season is? That, I still have to figure out.

Back At It

I am gonna leave my normal life for now.  This is probably the only trip, so far, that I am taking just for the sake of escape.

I am leaving the worries behind and return with a rejuvenate feeling and a clear mind. So help me.

Can’t wait to be back in my second home. 한국! 진짜 보고십다!