Taken at: Digos-Makar Road in Malungon, Sarangani, Philippines

After our stint in Davao, we’re now making our way to General Santos City – a 3 hour drive away. It’s in another province and it’s quite overwhelming to make the journey.


Early Morning Obstacle

I arrived just in the nick of time. With the Uber not listening to my requests, we got into an early traffic jam with trucks.

But, nonetheless, I made it to my flight with the Uber driver in one piece.

Off to Davao for work. That sounds so grown up. I will probably sleep the whole time of the flight. Or not. I am on the side of the sunrise, I would love to catch a glimpse of that.



Taken at: Meralco Gym in Pasig City, Philippines


The first set was very much like how our previous meeting ended, we were up by a number of points and they came from behind. The next three was a more of an adjustment to their attack and their defense. Thankfully, we pulled through!

Men’s champions!



Taken at: Meralco Gym in Pasig City, Philippines

We were almost there. We led by as much as 12-6 but it didn’t materialize. That’s how the game goes. You win some, you lose some.

We’re going to bounce back tomorrow.

A Week in Malaysia: Day 4

Don’t kill me but today was such a lazy day. After all the commotion of Days 1 to 3, we decided to take it really slow. So slow, we didn’t go anywhere notable.


We actually, went on a chocolate run. We received reports that chocolates are really cheap here in Malaysia. So, to source these chocolates, we made our way to MyDin near Pasar Seni station. Here, we found Cadburry bars for MYR 5.80. So, a PHP 120 bar of chocolate can be bought for just PHP 70, loosely converted.


It was lunch time by then, so we made our way to Hakka Restaurant behind Pavillion Mall. Thank you, GoKL buses!


Hakka Restaurant is listed as one of the best eats in Kuala Lumpur. Hakka Restaurant has been here since 1956.




They have the sweetest honeydew drink which I really though will really just taste like water.


This is our menu for today: spicy shrimp (but awfully delicious), kangkong sauteed in garlic, fried chicken, and Hakka style noodles. It was filling and very delicious. No wonder they stayed here for 61 years. And, there were a lot of Chinese customers – so it probably rings well as a Chinese restaurant.



After a blissful lunch, we went back to the apartment, had our siesta, dipped into the pool, looked at the Merdaka Day celebrations, and drank to our hearts’ content.




That was the 4th day.






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