Taken at: Gozum Residence in Marikina City, Philippines

Brought out my special souvenir from the Malaysia trip. These are personalized Lego minifigures for each member of the family!






Taken at: Legoland in Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia

I am in love with Legos and this was one of the best places to satisfy that kind of love.

The Lego Movie

Everything is awesome.

Everything is cool when you’re part of a team.

The Lego Movie stays true to what Lego meant to us when we were kids. As a child, I loved playing with Legos because it allowed me to build whatever I wanted to build. It helped me to be both imaginative and logical. That was the main theme of the movie.

The movie is about Emmet, an ordinary citizen of the Lego world, and his journey to fight against Mr. President who aims a world of perfection. But, as we already know, Lego is not about perfection. It is about creating new things each and every time you play.

The story wants us to believe that we could become as imaginative as we can as long as we believe in ourselves.

The movie was enjoyable, relatable. It was funny in all the right places. The animation, too, was topnotch. I could not imagine how long it took for the details to be rendered. The voice actors were also right on. I especially liked the casting of Morgan Freeman as Vitruvius.

This movie is definitely one for the books and a good movie to be shown to children.