7D6N Malaysia Itinerary

This was originally a SEA Games trip. We were supposed to watch all the SEA Games events that we could. But, unfortunately, it’s the tail end of the season and there weren’t a lot of events to watch. So, we transformed it into a multi-city tour of Malaysia!

Day 1 – August 27

7:30 AM flight to Kuala Lumpur via Philippine Airlines

Arrival and checking into Parkview Serviced Apartments

SEA Games Volleyball finals at MATRADE

Day 2 – August 28

Batu Caves

Muzium Nagara

Masjid Nagara

Bukit Bintang

Day 3 – August 29

Central Market

Merdaka Square, Sultan Abdul Sammad Building, Masjid Negara

SEA Games Badminton Finals at Axiata Arena

SEA Games Diving Finals at National Acquatic Center

Day 4 – August 30

Aerobus to KLIA2

Flight to Penang via Air Asia

Kek Lok Si Temple

George Town Heritage Area

Flight to Kuala Lumpur via Air Asia

Day 5 – August 31

Bus to Malacca

Red Square

Check in and rest

Jonker Walk and Night Market

Day 6 – September 1

Bus to Johor Bahru then Legoland

Legoland Malaysia

Shuttle Bus to Bukit Bintang

Day 7 – September 2

4 PM flight to Manila via Philippine Airlines

We didn’t pack in as much. We wanted to taste a little bit of everything but made sure that the trip to each place was worth it.

If you have suggestions, let me know!



6D5N South Korea Itinerary

It’s gonna be a summer in Korea. Most Filipinos do not go to Korea during the summer because we experience it the whole year round.

What brings me to Korea this time of year? Boryeong Mud Festival! But, as we were too late in planning, most hotels / resorts along Daecheon Beach have already been booked. Fortunately, we found a hotel that still has room for 2 nights. So, before moving to Boryeong, I’ll be in Seoul for the first 3 nights.

Day 1, July 20

Arrival in Incheon Airport

Transfer to Chungmuro Station to check in

Day 2, July 21

Ride the Mugunghwa to Suwon

Hwaseong Fortress

FIVB World Grand Prix (KOR vs KAZ, COL vs POL)

Return to Seoul

Day 3, July 22

I still have a free day. I am looking into hiking the Seoul City Wall in the morning.

In the afternoon, I’ll drop by COEX (for EXO’s new album), Insadong (for the cheap but beautiful bags), and shopping for Goblin items.

Day 4, July 23

Transfer to Boryeong

Explore Daecheon Beach

Day 5, July 24

Boryeong Mud Festival

Day 6, July 25

Transfer to Seoul

Shopping at Seoul Station

Transfer to Incheon Airport

Flight to Manila

I was happy when I learned that one leg of the FIVB World Grand Prix will be hosted in Korea. I made it a point to ensure that I will be able to watch one day. Here’s to hoping that I will be able to secure tickets!

I am also keen on hiking the Seoul City Wall for the view of Seoul. But that isn’t final yet because I am considering the weather. Do I really want to hike in the middle of summer?

I’m looking forward to an eventful summer! And I am hoping to have a great experience in the festival.

A Weekend in Taipei Itinerary

I wanted to try something crazy when it comes to travel. When presented with an opportunity, I grabbed it. So, next weekend, I will be in Taipei to eat!

Here’s my itinerary for that short Taipei trip.

Day 0

11:15 PM Flight to Taoyuan Airport

Day 1

1:20 AM Arrival in Taoyuan

Very short sleep

Train to Ruifang then Pingxi Line

Shifen and Shifen Lantern


Back to Taipei

Shilin Night Market, Raohe Night Market

Day 2

Tamsui (Old Street and Fort Santo Domingo)

Ximending and Carrefour

Afternoon Rest

Ningxia Night Market

Transfer to Taoyuan Airport

Day 2+

1:45 AM Flight to Manila

It will be a tiring weekend and I know you’d think we’re crazy for doing this. But, it has been a general curiosity of what it would be like.


4D3N Seoul Itinerary

It’s spring time again and it will be third time visiting South Korea during this season. This time, I will have two SoKor newbies and it is my responsibility to take them to the most basic tourist spots in Korea.

April 11

11:55 PM Fly out of Manila via Jeju Air

April 12 (Day 1)

4:50 AM ETA in Incheon International Airport

Transfer to Guesthouse the Hill in Jung-gu via Airport Limousine 6015

Leave bags

Seokchon Lake – probably one of the most scenic places to experience cherry blossoms and petal rain

Lotte Tower

COEX Artium – what visit to Korea would be complete without a visit to the mother ship?

Check in and rest

N Seoul Tower – probably during sunset


April 13 (Day 2)

Shuttle Bus to Nami

Nami Island

Shuttle Bus to Namdaemun


April 14 (Day 3)

Hanbok Rental





April 15 (Day 4)


Viva Polo – Chanyeol’s mother’s restaurant which also serves good food

Airport Limousine to Incheon

7:35 PM Flight back to Manila

This is the most comprehensive and “best of Seoul” itinerary that we could come up with. The limited time we have constrained us to just a few of the sites Seoul could offer.

I can’t wait to be back in my hometown and, even for a short while, escape the exhausting heat of Manila.

7D6N Taiwan Itinerary

The 7D6N itinerary for travel dates October 25 – 31, 2016. This was the official itinerary we used for our trip.

Day 1

Arrival in Taoyuan Airport

Transfer to Sun Moon Lake


Bike riding around Sun Moon Lake

Day 2

Sun Moon Lake Tourist Bus:

Day 3

Transfer to Taipei

Long Shan Temple


Shilin Night Market

Day 4

Taipei Zoo


Shilin Night Market

Day 5

Yehliu Geopark

Jiufen Old Street

Day 6


Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall


Day 7

Departure from Taoyuan Airport

Seoul 2016: Day 1 (Part 2)

After a beautiful walk in the park. We became a little bit hungry. So, we went to the far off station of Myeongil.


From Exit 1, you should just look up and you’ll see Viva Polo.


What is Viva Polo? Viva Polo is an Italian restaurant. To the KPop circle, it’s the restaurant owned by the mother of EXO member, Park Chanyeol. Also, it was more than just a restaurant.


It was a shrine. The walls are filled with letters from fans. Photos from different parts of his life are displayed. Action figures are in glass boxes.



But, we were there to try the food. I ordered a seafood marinara pasta. For the price of KRW 13000, it was worth it. They weren’t stingy with the serving. It was so good that I’d gladly ask for more. We also had the roasted garlic and shrimp pizza but the garlic was so overwhelming that it threw off the taste of the dish.


After this late lunch, we went to another shrine. You have to get off at Samseong station and walk your way to the COEX Artium aka SM Town.


SM Town is the shrine for all groups and artists under the brand of SM Entertainment. At the front, you’ll see the paper doll counterpart of our boys, EXO, welcoming you.


The first floor is just the entrance to the building. It has a big LED screen that shows music videos of their artists. On the second floor is the shop where you can buy albums and different merchandise that stretch from caps, to candies, to shirts, to jewelry, to posters, and headphones.



The third floor are supposed to be the home of the studios (make-up, music video, recording, dance hall) but they are being used to showcase the making of the EXOluXion 2 concert. They are also displaying the costumes worn by the boys in the said concert.



Chayeol’s clothes are fitted into a manequin. And, boy, is he a big man.


On the fourth floor is the SUM Cafe and SUM Market. SUM Cafe is a dessert cafe where you can order items named after your favorite SM Entertainment artist. On the other hand, the SUM Market is like a grocery store with the same concept.




On the fifth floor is the hologram theater. We didn’t bother watching one. It also houses the selection of floor-to-ceiling posters. If you don’t mind spending KRW 150000 on a poster, then why not buy?

It was then time to meet our friends in Myeongdong. I love how easy transportation in Korea is. If it were Manila, I wouldn’t have made that type of journey.


While waiting for our friends, we went straight to the SPAO store because I had to buy a jacket. Note that I forgot the jacket I bought specifically for this trip on my workstation. It was still a good buy, though; because, I can also use it in the office.


We decided to just sit on the steps of Uniqlo and eat some egg bread (ggyeranbang, 꼐란빵) while waiting. It was nice to watch the people going in and out of Myeongdong.


A few minutes after, our friends told us that they wouldn’t be able to meet us tonight. We decided to go home and order chicken for delivery. It’s sad that I didn’t have a picture of it but it was the best chicken ever! It was big and the two of us had a hard time finishing the whole meal.

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