Taken at: Gozum Residence in Marikina City, Philippines

I have satisfied my cravings! I bought Frankie’s from Mega Fashion Hall and brought it home. My sister asked me to buy 1/2 a dozen of Garlic Parmesan and then I bought myself a dozen of the Salted Egg ones!

Yum! One of the best fried chickens there is!




Taken at: UnionBank Plaza in Pasig City, Philippines

Yesterday, my colleagues told me that we’ll be ordering Frankie’s today. I immediately decided on getting the salted egg variant. Ever since this salted egg craze hit the Metro and after Frankie’s included it in their menu, I wanted to try it so bad.

To be honest, it did not disappoint. It was on point. The salted egg sauce wasn’t icky and too overpowering. It was the perfect definition of salted egg glazed fried chicken.

Definitely worth the craving!

Fried Chicken by Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings

This place is found in the City Golf Plaza complex and was highly recommended. After work, we decided to eat here because it’s on the way to my friend’s place.

There are a lot of flavors to choose from. Then, I decided to go with my gut and taste Kevin Bacon’s Wings. Yes, pun totally intended. These are chicken wings wrapped in bacon, dipped in breading, then deep fried.


Service was fast. It didn’t take long for them to bring out our food. And it is nice to eat chicken when it’s just came out of the pan. Chicken is moist. Bacon is tasty. Fried chicken isn’t greasy. And rice is cooked just the way I wanted it. They also give you gloves for a chance to eat the chicken and rice with your hands.

You get half a dozen wings for PHP 188. I know most of us think that wings are the smallest parts; but, these wings are big. Really big. So, props to them for that.

Next time, I’ll try ordering the other flavors. Garlic Parmesan sounds real tasty. Or maybe, I’ll go basic with Salt and Pepper.