Set up

Claimed my WiFi device. Exchange the money I can exchange. Top up my TMoney card. And, grab some much needed stomach filler.

I also asked to top up my TMoney card in Korean. I feel so accomplished. 

I love the variety of milk in other Asian countries. Banana milk will always be a favorite but melon mill was a new discovery just last spring.

Making may way tp the city via Airport Express. Here’s to hoping that the subway won’t be crowded on the way to the guest house.



Taken at: UnionBank Plaza in Pasig City, Philippines

Yesterday, my colleagues told me that we’ll be ordering Frankie’s today. I immediately decided on getting the salted egg variant. Ever since this salted egg craze hit the Metro and after Frankie’s included it in their menu, I wanted to try it so bad.

To be honest, it did not disappoint. It was on point. The salted egg sauce wasn’t icky and too overpowering. It was the perfect definition of salted egg glazed fried chicken.

Definitely worth the craving!



Taken at: Gozum Residence in Marikina City

Today, we tried this hot chicken flavor ramen (buldak bokkeumyeon, 불닭볶음면). From the smell of it alone, you will have an idea of how spicy this one is.


It would be better if it had more cheese. It took four full-grown adults and two pitchers of water to finish this.