Taken at: Homecourt Gym in Mandaluyong City, Philippines

We held the leveling event for the company volleyball tournament. It was fun. And I definitely learned that a lot of employees are very interested in playing volleyball! We are now planning on forming a volleyball club for the company where we can play on a regular basis!

That’s me trying to be a setter, by the way.



Taken at: 9th Street in Taguig City, Philippines

It was 2:30 PM. I was in work mode when my boss asked me to attend a meeting for her.

The details were:

  • Time: 3:00 PM
  • Venue: NAC Center in BGC

You’d think that it’s just a nearby building. But, no. It’s in a completely different city with traffic that could really bring you to the gates of hell.

But, anyway, the gods were in my favor and I was able to make it on time.

On my way home, I contemplated that it would be really nice to work in BGC. The area is totally friendly to corporate workers. There’s a plethora of entertainment and dining options.

The only catch is, it’s very far from home. And with our traffic conditions, I don’t want to experience hell twice every day.



Taken at: Balanga Wetland Park in Balanga, Bataan, Philippines

Today we went to the Balanga Wetlands to plant mangrove seedlings as part of our company’s social corporate responsibility.

We were a little late and the tide was already high. People were a little hesitant in going to the water. Plus, we were warned that we’ll be stepping on mud instead of sand.

Since we were already there, I decided to just go for it especially when I brought extra clothes.

Mangroves are essential to any seaside community because they (1) provide a safe breeding habitat for some species, (2) filter pollutants from run-off, and (3) prevent seaside erosion.

I’m glad to have been part of this activity!

Eventful Weekend

This weekend was one for the books. It was definitely tiring but it was also a great way to bring myself back on track.

Korean Class

We didn’t have class last time. The teacher had to attend to something. Without the class, it seemed like a part of me was missing. This weekend, we learned about asking where something is and some activities like (to go and to do). I am actually learning a lot and watching Korean dramas have become easier.

Hoping that I will get good grades so I can continue on to the next module.

Volleyball at Home Court Gym

My teammates and I scheduled a reunion game. It was 2 years since we all played together and the company one-day league prompted us to want to play with each other again. It was full of fun and I was actually more tired from laughing rather than from the play itself.

It was a (sort of) goodbye game for one of our teammates who’s going to Canade for post-grad studies. I hope that she will be successful in this endeavor.

MMVL Off-Season Tournament

Although we lost, it was still a good game for us. The scores were 26-24 and 26-24. If only we had more fight in us, we could have ended the first set easily. It was a learning experience, definitely. It was also the first time played together so it was like testing the waters.

I am hoping that we will fare better, and win the game, the next time around.


With all that’s happened this weekend, am I ready for Monday? The first order of business tomorrow is to write down everything that I have to do for the week.

AJA. AJA. Fighting.



Taken at: Hive Hotel and Convention Center in Quezon City, Philippines

Today is the start of a week-long training for a disaster assessment system. It should be helpful especially now that we are more vulnerable to disaster and incidents like never before.