A Little Dose of Reality

So here I am sitting in a coffee shop. O drank coffee to wake me up from the fantasy world I am living in. 

I have to be up and about on the reality that another Korean trip has come to an end.

Until the next time we meet. It won’t be long.


Coffee, anyone?

One of the things I like in Korea are the number of choices you have. It takes away the monotony of your everyday routine.

Now in the massive Seoul Station to take a Mugunghwa to Suwon. 



Taken at: Gozum Residence in Marikina City, Philippines

Being at home during the day makes you do stuff you don’t normally do – like cleaning. Then, I discovered this dirty coffee maker.

There is already a culture of bacteria growing in the leftover coffee. It’s beautiful and gross at the same time.

Coffee: Gingerbread Latte from Starbucks

It’s Christmas time again and it also means that the hunt for them Starbucks stickers are on. I really like their planner this year so I am going to join the bandwagon.

The Starbucks stickers promo requires you to drink 9 of their regularly prepared handcrafted beverages and 9 beverages that they only offer during the Christmas season. This year, they are offering the Toffee Nut Latte, Peppermint Mocha and Gingerbread Latte. Of the three, I haven’t tried the Gingerbread Latte.

Gingerbread Latte

I tried it for the sake of knowing what it tastes like and I was overwhelmed.

It had a strong taste of ginger and cinnamon. I thought that the coffee could keep me awake for the afternoon but the head ache it brought about could mean that I was in for a very long second half of the work day.

I didn’t really enjoy it. The first sip alone could leave you dumbfounded because of the strong flavor. I could not appreciate it even if I was halfway through my cup. That happened to me with Peppermint Mocha. I thought that maybe I would have a better understanding of the taste as I finish the drink. That didn’t come though.

Maybe, if you were a fan of things that are unique and weird, it will be a drink for you. For me, I’d stick to the originals and the more staple Toffee Nut Latte.

Coffee Shop: Figaro at Brickroad

Yesterday, a friend asked me to go with him to a coffee shop for him to finish his thesis. He must have needed moral support because of the stress graduating form a master’s degree might entail. I was there for support and if he needed to sort things out in his mind, I was there too. What is also important is I was there to experience Figaro for the first time.

It was my first time to be in Figaro at Brickroad. Brickroad is a collection of food establishments at the back of Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall in Cainta, Rizal. It’s my first time to be in the area, actually. The building looks like a very old looking cabin house. The inside is very homey. It’s like someone’s home. I like their smoking area (not that I smoke) because it’s air-conditioned. What I don’t like is that the signal inside the establishment is a bit weak.

Butterscotch Vanilla Latte

I ordered a hot drink because it was raining. And, I am very vulnerable to the cold. I liked this beverage. It was happiness in a cup. The fun thing about it is it has an after-taste. It was so strong that you’d wait for minutes before you take another sip. It was nice thought that you don’t have to finish your cup so easily. I just wished there was more of it.

Blue Velvet Cake

I am a big fan of the Red Velvet Cake. So, that is what I’d naturally look for first. There was none that time. But, here lies a relative – the Blue Velvet Cake. There wasn’t much difference except for the color and the blueberry stuff on it. It was a combination of the sweetness of the cake and sour taste brought about by the blueberry. It was heavenly. I only wished for more of the cream cheese because theirs is delicious. Also, the cake doesn’t crumble easily. That way it was easier to eat it.

I also ordered their house iced tea. It tasted like tea with ice and not the commercial ones. It was very delicious too.

Figaro is nice but I still have loyalty to the other coffee house.


Coffee Junkie

Caffeine is a bitter, white crystalline xanthine alkaloid that acts as a stimulant drug and an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. That is the definition of caffeine from Wikipedia.

I define as caffeine as the thing in coffee that helps you start your day. It’s one of the mandatory things you need to intake in the morning to ensure that you will have a fully-functional day; that aside from your current medication. It’s the only chemical that you wouldn’t hesitate to take or inject into your body.

Caffeine, to me, is almost synonymous to coffee. I do not drink sodas. I sometimes drink tea. I do not drink energy drinks. For chocolate, I think of them as sweets and not caffeine.

I may be obsessed. I need help.

Or maybe not.

I have been waking up to a groggy feeling and I go directly to the kitchen looking for coffee. I enjoy my hot beverage while eating a full meal for breakfast. Almost always, I use the instant coffee sachet for easier preparation. I don’t think that it has the caffeine that I need to stimulate my thoughts. At that moment, I wake up, my mind starts to boot and prepares itself for a whole day of thinking.

In recent memory, I have been experiencing that the effects have substantially reduced over time. I do not necessarily have that eye-popping, mind-waking moment when I get my sip of coffee. The cold shower that follows after does that job now. I may have developed a heightened tolerance to caffeine.

This is a sad development as coffee lost its meaning. It will just develop into one of those beverages you take for granted – like water. I might try drinking tea next time.