Was there ever a moment where you’re in a place that is so beautiful you cannot help but be teary-eyed?

That’s how I felt with Everland.

From it’s beautiful landscape, thrilling rides, up to its lazy pandas, the place was just so beautiful.

I conquered this golden roller coaster.

And met this really sloppy panda.

This must only be the place where there are friendly and goofy horror characters.

I am now wondering why did I visit Everland just now?

I am now having lunch and I have a lot more time to explorer before the fireworks festival at 7 PM. If ever you will be in Korea, don’t forget this place!


A Week in Malaysia: Day 5

We woke up early today. Knowing very well that it’s the holidays in Malaysia, we decided to avoid traffic going out of the city. We were scheduled to go to Malacca today. We made our way to Bandar Tasik Selatan – the bus station for intercity travel.


Good thing, though, we bought tickets online. If not, we wouldn’t be able to make this trip. It was so full and, I guess, bus tickets are very scarce for those who are late.


We are scheduled for a 9 AM bus ride to Malacca and we are expecting to arrive there by 11:30 AM. Bus seats were comfortable and the dreaded traffic wasn’t anywhere in sight.


When you arrive at the Malacca Central Bus Terminal, make your way to the domestic buses and line-up, however futile, at Platform 17. This will take you to the Dutch Square.


See, a little futile.

As soon as we arrived, I knew how I felt about Malacca. I love it. I love it to bits.



It was almost lunch time when we got there. And I am plenty hungry too. So, we crossed the bridge towards Jonker Walk and found this restaurant. We saw that it was full; but, the girl pointed us towards a sister establishment where we can sit.


I saw that they had duck. I found it to be an opportunity to try something new. So, roasted duck it is.



It was glorious. I loved it and I wondered why I never tasted duck before. After lunch, we decided to go around since we can only check in after 2 PM.




The Red Square is named as such because of the color of its buildings. This plaza and its surrounding buildings reflect the history of Malacca after being subject to Portuguese, Dutch, and British rule.








I must remind you that it’s very hot in Malacca. When we couldn’t take the heat, we decided to go to our booked accommodations even if it was time to check in. We wanted to see if they will allow us to rest up and recover from the heat.

And they did! Thankfully, we can stay inside the air conditioned room until around sunset.

Our home for the night was a small guesthouse by the end of Jonker Walk. It was a very convenient location. When you go out, you will immediately see the food stalls!



There was a little bit of everything for everyone. There spectrum was from food to mobile accessories to clothing to toys to cleaning materials. You name it, they may have it.




Another beautiful thing about Malacca is the art and architecture on/of the walls of the buildings. It gave a modern vibe to the old village.





Too bad, we only spent half a day in Malacca. It would have been awesome to stay longer. There are so many food I want to try.







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A Week in Malaysia: Day 4

Don’t kill me but today was such a lazy day. After all the commotion of Days 1 to 3, we decided to take it really slow. So slow, we didn’t go anywhere notable.


We actually, went on a chocolate run. We received reports that chocolates are really cheap here in Malaysia. So, to source these chocolates, we made our way to MyDin near Pasar Seni station. Here, we found Cadburry bars for MYR 5.80. So, a PHP 120 bar of chocolate can be bought for just PHP 70, loosely converted.


It was lunch time by then, so we made our way to Hakka Restaurant behind Pavillion Mall. Thank you, GoKL buses!


Hakka Restaurant is listed as one of the best eats in Kuala Lumpur. Hakka Restaurant has been here since 1956.




They have the sweetest honeydew drink which I really though will really just taste like water.


This is our menu for today: spicy shrimp (but awfully delicious), kangkong sauteed in garlic, fried chicken, and Hakka style noodles. It was filling and very delicious. No wonder they stayed here for 61 years. And, there were a lot of Chinese customers – so it probably rings well as a Chinese restaurant.



After a blissful lunch, we went back to the apartment, had our siesta, dipped into the pool, looked at the Merdaka Day celebrations, and drank to our hearts’ content.




That was the 4th day.






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Taken at: Bus Stop Dive Resort in Bauan, Batangas, Philippines

I had an awesome time during my first ever scuba dive. I was suddenly transported to Nemo’s world and I understood Marlin when he was afraid of what my happen out in the open. I was afraid myself. But, seeing a world different from mine was a very special experience.

Scuba Diving

First, this was not from my dive. We were snorkeling while the first batch was doing theirs.

So how was my first scuba dive? 

Awesome! Under the sea is a different world. And I cannot believe why I only discovered this now. I am happy I joined this trip and I think I will want to do it  again! Hopefully soon!

One thing, though, it’s really tiring!