Taken at: Alonte Sports Complex in City of Binan, Laguna, Philippines

It was one of the best days in my life. It is rare to watch international talent play on Philippine soil. So, despite the far location, we decided to drop by and enjoy the matches!

This was the final match of the day. I really thought that South Korea will just obliterate the Philippines. But, no, they put up a fight and I am so proud of the girls!


Good Game

It was a 3-set loss against the 10th best team in the world. The time when they didn’t habe their ace, Kim Yeon Koung, the team was able to be in step with the Koreans.

But, alas, the coach, not warning to experiment further, had no choice but to put her in. 

It was still a strong performance for the Philippines but it was just not enough. This game revealed the strengths and opportunities for improvement of the NT.

Still proud of the girls and what they achieved so far! I am sure that some of the players are now being scouted against. 

Game Time

First game between Kazakhstan and Vietnam is finished! I am happy I decided to watch today because the quality of play is so awesome. 

I was actually hesitant to watch live because of the venue. But, this event doesn’t always happen. And who am I to deny myself a chance to watch the best teams in Asia.

Excited to watch the next matches especially Philippines against Korea!