Defendant (피고인)


Park Jung Woo (Ji Sung) is a prosecutor at Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office. One day, he wakes up and finds himself locked up inside Woljeong Penitentiary. He is suffering from temporary amnesia. Park Jung-Woo is falsely accused and is sentenced to death. Now, he must struggle to prove his innocence.


I am a fan of Ji Sung’s acting ever since I saw him in Kill Me, Heal Me. In this series, he picked it up a notch. He is a supremely gifted actor and some of the younger actors today couldn’t even compare. He gives a lot of emotion and dimension to the role he is portraying.

As for the other cast, I couldn’t find fault. Although, I must confess that the female lead isn’t much of a factor in progressing the story. Honestly, she could be removed from the series and there wouldn’t be a lot of difference.

And one thing I like about detective dramas is the retribution in the end. It’s just so satisfying to watch. Although, I couldn’t recommend to watch it in one sitting because the series is just so heavy.




Taken at: UnionBank Plaza in Pasig City, Philippines

I found a new Korean drama to love. It’s name is W – Two Worlds.

It’s the story between doctor Oh Yoon Jeon (played by Han Hyo Joo, 한효주) and Kang Cheol (played by Lee Jong Suk, 이종석), the main character of a webtoon series produced by Doctor Oh’s father.

It’s keeping me hooked because I really don’t know how the story will go especially since it’s happening in two dimensions. There’s a lot of uncertainty to it because you aren’t sure whether it’s real or not.

So far, it has a great story line and great acting. It’s weird but in a sense that you’d want to know further than what is presented to you.






Taken at: UnionBank Plaza in Pasig City, Philippines

And so I found a beautiful Korean drama.

W – Two Worlds is a story between Doctor Oh Yeon Joon (Han Hyo Joo, 한효주) and National althlete Kang Cheol (Lee Jung Suk, 이종석). The doctor lives in the real world while Kang Cheol is the main character of the webtoon created by Dr. Oh’s father.

You could only imagine what happens next. If you’re looking for something different and a bit on the creative / imaginary side, this one’s for you.

Descendants of the Sun

Here’s the trailer for one of the most talked about Korean drama of 2016.

Descendants of the Sun is awesome sauce in almost every level. Let me count the ways:

  1. Song Joong Ki is adorable. You need a leading man that is both strong and cute. Song Joong Ki as Captain Yoo Shi Jin does that. And he does it so well.
  2. Connection with the leading lady should be strong. The chemistry betweeen Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo is without fault. The banter between them is so smooth you wouldn’t think it was acting.
  3. It gives you a mix of action and romance.
  4. It has a lot of relevance. Working for a peacekeeping unit in Uruk, it tackles a lot about world issues today like poverty and human trafficking.
  5. I loved the dilemma each of them have. The doctor questioning her oath. The soldier divided between his country and the love of his life.
  6. Cinematography. With a lot of the scenes shot in Greece and the mountainous area of Taebaek, the series has a lot of opportunities to show great landscape. Plus, the camera work was just commendable.

These are some of the things at the top of my head. It placed itself on the top of my list for the best Korean dramas. And that list includes Coffee Prince and The Moon that Embraces the Sun.

So, if you haven’t seen the series yet, I suggest that you do.




I recently discovered an anime that I would love. It’s called Haikyū!!

It’s based on a manga written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It’s the story of Shōyō Hinata and his journey towards the goal of becoming one of the best volleyball players in the country. With the help of the other team members of the Karasuno High School, where his idol went to study, they battle other teams for supremacy on the hard court.

What caught my attention is the complexity of the emotions you feel whenever you train for or play volleyball. There’s the concept of one’s own improvement and the synergy that happens between team members.

I just finished the first season and I cannot wait to watch what happens next. If you’re curious about it, here’s a short video clip that might pique your interest.

Romantic Comedy: The First Shop of Coffee Prince

credit to the owner of the photo

I’ve been swooning for more than a month now and this is the reason. My colleague asked if I could get her a copy of this series and I obliged. Since I made an effort to get my hands on this, I also watched the series. I have not stopped since then.

The Coffee Prince was already shown in the Philippine before and I was just brushing it aside. I thought that it would just be one of those Korean television shows. There will be nothing special and nothing unique about it. Oh, how wrong I was. There was definitely something special about it.

Gong Yoo

He is what’s special about the show. Gong Yoo plays the role of Choi Han Kyul. He is the only son of a wealthy Korean family who owns a food conglomerate. He is seen as the irresponsible type who doesn’t think of anything but fun and games.

And, as every Korean drama goes, there will always be the leading lady who opposes the personality of the lead actor. And that actress is Yoon Eun Hye who plays Go Eun Chan. If you’re familiar with her work, she’s also the star of Goong or Princess Hours. I watched that show and was a fan of hers. But, here, you’d see her all grown up and was ready to take on a bigger role.

The main twist of the story? Han Kyul does not know Eun Chan’s gender. Despite all of the situations they’ve been in, Han Kyul does not have any idea and that is what I liked about the show. Here, you can see how Han Kyul was so confused about his sexuality and then, finally, gives in because he believes in love.

You see, there are still people who are like that. They sacrifice and give up everything to the one they love.

Han Kyul became the ideal man. He was suddenly put up in the pedestal given to people who are just perfect in every way. But, didn’t Eun Chan think that his lover has homosexual tendencies?

Coffee Prince was a big emotional roller coaster for me. Every episode has its ups and downs and they are not small fluctuations of emotion. I cry and I giggle in one episode alone. I get emotionally invested and I think I am in love with Choi Han Kyul.

The show is definitely on my list and will be a default show for when I need something to pick me up from a small depression. Yes, even the emotionally tearing parts can become therapy because you know that they really love each other.

And, when I come to Korea, I’d definitely look for the shop where filming took place. I’m hearing that it is still operational and can be found in the Hongdae area. And, I hope to find Choi Han Kyul waiting to serve me my cup of coffee.


It seems like this season has a lot to offer in terms of good TV.

And, just as I was browsing through this Fall TV line-up, I came across Selfie. And being in the social media capital of the world, it piqued my interest. Selfie is the story of a woman whose claim to fame is the social network. However, she realized that she needs more real-life friends than virtual ones.

It is a feel good show that has a lot of funny antics and realizations. It’s a fun show to watch especially know that we always need the time to update our virtual presence.

And I just recently learned that the characters are based on Eliza Dolittle and Henry Higgins of the show My Fair Lady. Definitely added to the good material for this TV show.

I do hope that this continues until the end of the season!

How To Get Away With Murder

How To Get Away With Murder is a new ABC series under executive producer Shonda Rhimes. It follows Scandal on Thursdays which is tagged as Shonda Night.

I especially like the story telling of the episode. Each of which have a case to solve embedded in a bigger case that goes on through out the season. It is a different type of drama where the lawyers are on the defending side of the panel. Most of the stuff we see are on the persecution. And it gives another face to the job of a lawyer where you need to have your job done regardless if your client is guilty or not.

In the first two episodes of the season, I can say nothing about Viola Davis’ performance. She could win an Emmy for this. I am just amazed at her talent.

Also, we see Alfred Enoch. Harry Potter’s own Dean Thomas who is all grown up now. The diversity in the characters of this series makes it the more exciting and makes the complexities all the more complicated.

I am currently obsessed with this new TV show and I can’t wait to see how this season progresses.

KNTM S05E02: Hydrant Gymnastic Shoot

Han Seung Soo

Hwang Gi Ppeum

So far, this is my favorite shoot! These two are a cut above the rest. These photos could be advertisements for the clothes they’re wearing. Plus, Han Seung Soo’s photo is very manly and shows a lot of strength and character while Hwang Gi Ppeum’s is very feminine.

Can’t wait to see the other shoots!

Korea’s Next Top Model Cycle 5

Korea’s Next Top Model Cycle 5

Initially, I wanted to watch the series because of the men. I like Koreans and how they look. But, I have been hearing rave reviews of the previous seasons and that their photoshoots are top-notch.

The main differences between KNTM and ANTM are:

  1. Quality contestants. You can’t throw any one of them unlike in ANTM you’d notice that some contestants are just fillers. They won’t go far.
  2. The critiques. You feel that they judges want the contestants to improve and that they will give constructive criticism – they might be harsh but they will get you somewhere. In ANTM, Kelly Cutrone is the only cut-throat judge who doesn’t sugarcoat her comments. I feel like Tyra Banks is like Paula Abdul when she was still on American Idol – it’s like they don’t have negative comments to give.
  3. The photoshoots. They’re really good and they don’t have the feeling like, ‘we don’t have ideas anymore so we’ll do this’.
  4. The style. I like how Koreans dress and how they mix and match items. It isn’t normal and they have their own charm to them.
  5. No drama. ANTM is more focused on the drama inside the house. Although, I feel like the difference in culture changes that fact. Asians are conservative in nature and, in Korea, age is a bit of a big deal – you have to respect those who are your senior.
  6. Contestant’s attitude. Asians are more modest. They aren’t too self-centered and they are conservative. The men were even shy to be in their swimming trunks when they were in the presence of the women.
  7. Opening Credits. The opening credits of KNTM is just so chic – very much better than ANTM’s.

Those are the things that I like about this reality TV show. I can’t wait for the season to progress and I’m feeling like the men are stronger than the women for this season. Also, after this, I’ll look for the previous seasons.