Shizen Ramen

I walk past this shop whenever I go home but I never bothered stepping inside.

To be honest, the outside display is cute. Also, the shop isn’t that big. The place could probably hold at most 20 people inside.



We sat on the bar because the place was full even if it was already 9:20 PM. We ordered the Beast Ramen – pork bone broth, chashu, beef strips, corn, spring onions, and tamago.


It was indeed a beast! The bowl was bigger than my face. And for the price of PHP 310, the taste wasn’t bad! In fact, it was better than what I expected. They got the noodles right – firm with a bit into it. The only thing I will probably comment was the egg. It lacked a little flavor but was cooked right.

The place is quaint and homey.


I am surprised that I didn’t try eating here. Now, I have a place to go for not-so-late cravings. The next time, I’ll try the other items on the menu.


Seafood Still

Was still craving for seafood. 

We found Han’s Deli in one of the alleys of Myeongdong. It’s spicy! The noodles are tender but with a bite. They were very generous with the amount of seafood in the plate. 

It was the perfect closure to a great and unforgettable trip. 

Don’t Miss

Sulbing (it’s the brand name, the food is bingsu). It is probably one of the best things your money can buy in Korea. 

Strawberries are not in season so I settled with mango. It is not as exciting but delicious nonetheless. 

See the number if spoons given to me? One bowl is supposed to be shared between 2 people. Who cares? It’s so delicious, I can consume one on my own.

First Real Meal

Last April, I fell in love with this udon store named Marugame Udon. You choose what you want to include in your meal. There also choices for tempura and other deep fried Japanese comfort food.

So, when I returned to come back, I had to return to this place.

I can’t say the exact location but it’s in front of the Chinese embassy. It’s on the alley beside the Starbucks across from Lotte Young Mall.



Taken at: The Podium in Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Today, there was a mall-wide sale at The Podium today. Ramen Nagi was offering two bowls of ramen for only PHP 600.

In the list of the best ramen bowls in the Philippines, I have Ramen Nagi at second best. I love their butao ramen especially when the noodle is a little hard and there is little spice. The pork belly tastes so delicious and it’s so┬átender.

Soban K-Town Grill

Korean restaurants have been sprouting in every corner of the Metro. But, one of the best ones I tried is Soban K-Town Grill.


It was early Sunday evening and a lot of families where having their dinner. They didn’t have room inside yet. So, our plans of having to grill our own meat got squished. Anyway, there are still a lot of Korean food on their menu.


They only have two side dishes – egg rolls and kimchi. These two are the most basic. I would have wanted the sprouts and sweet and spicy fish. Both of them are delicious. The gochujang (chili paste) is for the bibimbap I ordered. They let you decide the level of spiciness of your food.


I ordered the ultimate beef bap for PHP 250. Not bad. And it was worth all the money. They have the hot stone bowl which makes the rice at the bottom crispy. You have all the required vegetables of sprouts, carrots, and cucumbers. I tried eating without any spice but I sorely missed all of the spiciness I take in.

It was a great dinner – add to that a bottomless glass of soban iced tea.

If you’re looking for good Korean food worthy of its price, head on out to Soban K-Town Grill in Eastwood. They also have a branch in Alabang if Quezon City is too far for you.