Defendant (피고인)


Park Jung Woo (Ji Sung) is a prosecutor at Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office. One day, he wakes up and finds himself locked up inside Woljeong Penitentiary. He is suffering from temporary amnesia. Park Jung-Woo is falsely accused and is sentenced to death. Now, he must struggle to prove his innocence.


I am a fan of Ji Sung’s acting ever since I saw him in Kill Me, Heal Me. In this series, he picked it up a notch. He is a supremely gifted actor and some of the younger actors today couldn’t even compare. He gives a lot of emotion and dimension to the role he is portraying.

As for the other cast, I couldn’t find fault. Although, I must confess that the female lead isn’t much of a factor in progressing the story. Honestly, she could be removed from the series and there wouldn’t be a lot of difference.

And one thing I like about detective dramas is the retribution in the end. It’s just so satisfying to watch. Although, I couldn’t recommend to watch it in one sitting because the series is just so heavy.

Norse Mythology (Gaiman, 2017)

I must admit that I am only familiar with Roman and Greek mythology. And I know of Thor and Loki because of the Marvel cinematic universe. Neil Gaiman opened my imagination to a new world of interesting characters, places, and events.

I am glad to have read this book and happy that Neil Gaiman made the stories easy to understand. I could actually recommend this book to grade school and high school students looking for a new thing to read.

This book got me interested in Norse mythology and had me looking for stuff on the internet before continuing to read. But, it made me realize that different civilizations believed in the same gods but they are represented in their own specific and unique ways.

This book is an easy and entertaining read. But it doesn’t veer away from the usual quirky, imaginative, and fun way Neil Gaiman writes his books.


2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten

2Cool 2 Be 4gotten.jpg
credits to the owner of the poster

I am not sure about what the movie wanted to convey. Am I thinking too much? Or was it meant to be digested by merely face value?

Although it was a bit confusing to me, I could relate to it. It was my youth. And if you live in a sleepy town, anything out the ordinary will be enticing and cool for you. Something that stood out of the crowd will be totally unforgettable. I related to it too much because I was a wallflower in high school. And I believe that, given the same situation, I would have been sucked into the world that’s so different from my mundane routine.

There were two things good about the film. I commend the inclusion of Kapampangan. I love movies that indirectly promotes the diversity and beauty of Philippine languages. I was a bit turned off, though, by the exaggeration of the stereotypical, H-abundant, and airy way Kapampangans (demonym for those living in Pampanga) speak.

Second, it was really the story of the times. There are a lot of half-breeds in that part of town. Those were the times when evil spirits possessed students’ bodies. People were trying to rebuild their lives after the Mount Pinatubo explosion. However, it seemed a little disconnected and, at times, unnecessary.

Over-all, the movie is so-so. Khalil Ramos’ acting won me over. Actually, the acting is the best thing about the film. The story was a bit dark and I couldn’t believe that there are people who could think that way. They have the opportunity to develop the story into something more profound and Maxim’s character could have been explored to do so much more.



Taken at: The Podium in Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Today, there was a mall-wide sale at The Podium today. Ramen Nagi was offering two bowls of ramen for only PHP 600.

In the list of the best ramen bowls in the Philippines, I have Ramen Nagi at second best. I love their butao ramen especially when the noodle is a little hard and there is little spice. The pork belly tastes so delicious and it’s so tender.



Taken at: Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City, Philippines

It was an awesome concert. Of course, I’m talking about EXOrDium in Manila!

It was a feast for both the ears and the eyes. I was thankful for the voices of DO, Chen, Baekhyun, and Suho. I was glad that Kai and Xiumin are up and dancing. I couldn’t get enough of Chanyeol’s onstage antics.

The production was awesome. The technology was used to create fantastic stage lighting, backdrop, and texture.

I was present the last time they were here. This time, I got seats closer to the stage. And they were so close! The next time, I’ll probably get closer seats.

Soban K-Town Grill

Korean restaurants have been sprouting in every corner of the Metro. But, one of the best ones I tried is Soban K-Town Grill.


It was early Sunday evening and a lot of families where having their dinner. They didn’t have room inside yet. So, our plans of having to grill our own meat got squished. Anyway, there are still a lot of Korean food on their menu.


They only have two side dishes – egg rolls and kimchi. These two are the most basic. I would have wanted the sprouts and sweet and spicy fish. Both of them are delicious. The gochujang (chili paste) is for the bibimbap I ordered. They let you decide the level of spiciness of your food.


I ordered the ultimate beef bap for PHP 250. Not bad. And it was worth all the money. They have the hot stone bowl which makes the rice at the bottom crispy. You have all the required vegetables of sprouts, carrots, and cucumbers. I tried eating without any spice but I sorely missed all of the spiciness I take in.

It was a great dinner – add to that a bottomless glass of soban iced tea.

If you’re looking for good Korean food worthy of its price, head on out to Soban K-Town Grill in Eastwood. They also have a branch in Alabang if Quezon City is too far for you.

Wicked (West End Touring Cast)

In 2014, the Australian cast arrived bringing with them the beautiful musical that is Wicked.

When I heard of news that the West End cast will arrive, I felt my heart jump. I just have to see it again.

This post is not a comparison between the two because they both have their own merits.


So, how was it? It was awesome. Wicked will always deliver no matter who performs.

The things I liked best about this performance are:

  • Glinda seemed to be on a total Red Bull rush. This is a compliment. She was funny, engaging, true to the character she’s playing. She gave it a lot of justice.
  • Elphaba’s voice, alongside her character, grew throughout the musical. There was a distinct difference between the singing before she met the wizard and after.
  • Great costume design and stage manipulation.
  • Fiyero’s very cool but powerful voice.

I loved every minute of it.

I was just a bit annoyed when the theatre staff let the late people go in in the middle of the performance instead of during the intermission. But, no big deal.

So, if you have a little bit of free time (around 3 hours for the show and 2 hours for travel to and from Solaire) on or before March 19, do watch the show! It is very recommended and satisfying to watch. Get your tickets here and go on a short trip to Emerald City.

I promise, it will be magical.