I have always believed that spring is my favorite season. There is something about the wind blowing and cherry blossoms dancing in the air.

Then again, nothing in life is easy. When you are presented with this view, life could never be the same again.

I fell in love with autumn. It’s like a child’s coloring gone awry. There’s a sense of comfort in the fact that these green leaves are now orange, yellow, or red.

Now, what will I tell people what my favorite season is? That, I still have to figure out.



Last time I was here, I had the wrong decision of booking for an atrocious budget accommodation. This time, I said, I wouldn’t subject myself to such situation ever again. 

So, I waited and asked this amazing deal at K-Grand Hostel near Sangwangsimni Station. This neighborhood isn’t a stranger to me. 

So, here I am, preparing breakfast which I don’t usually do because I love sleeping in.

Last Supper

For my supper, I am glad to have found noodles with wontons. This is my ultimate comfort food. 

And it is the perfect way to end this trip.

I am being overly dramatic about this trip no? In my trip summary, I will be listing the things I discovered about myself and the reasons why this trip was so awesome.

I Have Given Up

On the way to the airport, my four-wheel luggage has decided to lose one of its wheels.

So now, it can’t walk properly. Actually, it has been acting weird ever since the transfer to Boryeong. It may be because of the heavy items inside of it.

Oh well, maybe its time to replace the trusted item. It has been 3 years and it already went a dozen or more trips. It has hauled home hundreds of skin care products, tea bags, coffee beans, and Kpop paraphernalia. 

It almost feels like I lost another piece of me.

Seafood Still

Was still craving for seafood. 

We found Han’s Deli in one of the alleys of Myeongdong. It’s spicy! The noodles are tender but with a bite. They were very generous with the amount of seafood in the plate. 

It was the perfect closure to a great and unforgettable trip. 


Okay, I now have one more thing to love about Korea. While waiting for a taxi to get to Seoul Station, a very kind ahjussi gave me an umbrella. 

He took one from inside the building and gave it to me. Aw. 감사합니다 아저씨!

I am now in Seoul Station, wet but in a single piece. I bought snacks that will be eaten on the train to Daecheon.