3 Beaches 1 Day

Borawan is a portmanteau of Boracay, for its white sand beach, and Palawan, for its rock formations. Borawan Beach is found in Chicas Island under the Pagbilao jurisdication in the province of Quezon.

To go there, follow these steps.

I was enticed to go here because I read it as one of the best virgin beaches of the Philippines. The opportunity came when a friend, who now works in Australia, suggested that we go there to reunite and rekindle friendships.

It’s hard making this post because I just came from Boracay. As you may well know, Boracay is this country’s most famous and, subjectively, best beach.


Borawan is beautiful in it’s own way. Being compared to Boracay and its powdery white sand is a bit of a disservice to the latter. Borawan doesn’t have a lot of sea to swim in. It is noted that big parts of the sea is jellyfish territory. We actually saw some on the way to the resort restaurant – which, prompted us to not continue with our plan of going there.


What Borawan does offer is a chance to be in touch with nature. You don’t have a lot of resorts and you will, most often, use a tent to stay the night. It’s nice to see the stars and feel the fresh air. The rocks are beautiful and I really hope that they maintain the integrity of the place.


Other beaches along the Pagbilao Islands are Puting Buhangin and Dampalitan Beach.


Puting Buhangin was more crowded than Borawan Beach. Maybe it is because of the long weekend. But, their sand is better. Borawan’s sand is a bit coarse – as opposed to the comparison with Boracay’s powdery sand. Also, the sea is bigger and the sea clearer. I just hope that they can offer snorkeling services because I feel like the underwater world is enchanting.


This rock formation is called Kwebang Lampas (in English, Extended Cave). There is a tunnel that passes through to the other side of the cliff. It is beautiful but there are a lot of vandalism on the walls. I hope that the local government can do something about this disrespect to Mother Nature.



The most quiet of the three beaches is Dampalitan Beach. There’s a rock bar – a sand bar that is made of rocks. There’s more beach probably because there’s less people on it. But, the sea is very hard to swim in. Big and sharp rocks lie at the bottom so you should be careful in the water.

It was an enjoyable overnight stay on the islands. I just hope it was never right after Boracay because my expectations are high. Still, these beaches are beautiful in their own ways.


Getting to Borawan

Borawan Beach is found in Pagbilao’s Chica Island. Although under the jurisdiction of the town of Pagbilao in Quezon, the port nearest to it can be found in the town of Padre Burgos.

To get to Borawan from Manila:

Get on the bus to Lucena City in Quezon. The most recommended are DLTB Bus Company and JAC Liner. Both bus companies have terminals in Cubao and Buendia. Estimated travel time is 3 hours and 30 minutes.


The drop off point for Lucena-bound buses is the Lucena Grand Central Terminal. This is the main hub for transportation within the province of Quezon and to nearby areas such as Laguna and Batangas.

You will ride a mini-bus bound for Unisan. Estimated travel time is 1 hour.


You should then ask the barker that you’d like to go to Padre Burgos where the boats to Borawan are.

The bus will stop at the Padre Burgos town proper. Here you will ride a tricycle to Basiao Port. Most locals know that it’s where tourists flock to.


There will be boats waiting for you at the port. But it is better if you already have a contact. We hired the services of Crisjay (+639055605947). Estimated travel time is 15 minutes.

Then, soon enough, you’ll have your first look of Borawan.