Quick Getaway

After a fun adventure in southern Luzon, my friends and I decided to head up north. We tried to maximize the summer of our friends who work in the academe because school will start soon.

We went to the surfing capital of the north, the town of San Juan in La Union.

We decided to leave for San Juan at 2 AM. We didn’t have much trouble going there and the ride was very much comfortable.


We arrived well before our arrival time at the Pugad Pugo Adventure. It’s a big adventure park that offers a lot of activities from swimming to wall climbing and ziplines.

We were a bit disappointed that the activity we wanted to do, paintball, was unavailable. So, for the sake of doing something, I went wall climbing while the others watched.



Since it was still too early, around 9 AM, we decided to go to our back-up side-trip. Our check-in is scheduled at 2 PM and we have nowhere to go.

We had to go to the mountain ranges in San Gabriel, La Union for a taste of the Tangadan Falls.



A word of caution, this is not for the weak. It’s a very long and arduous trek to the falls. The effort going to it will be doubled once you try to go back.

Once you arrive, you won’t be disappointed, though.


The water is so cool that you’ll be refreshed after a very long trek. There are cottages that you can stay in if you plan to spend a bit of time in the area. There are also stores which sell drinks and chips if you don’t have food.


It was also a hard trek going back and you’ll really want a shower now. So, before eating lunch, we went straight to our resort and had a good refreshing bath.


The beach in front of our resort isn’t suitable for swimming because of the uneven slope of the sand. It’s easy to be swallowed by the waves when you’re caught in the deep part of the ocean. So, we decided to swim in the pool of the resort instead.

The next day, we had to do what we went there to do, surf!



Waves here were definitely stronger than the ones we encountered in Baler. However, the instructors we hired weren’t very friendly. They were impatient and snobbish. I hope this doesn’t apply to all other surf schools in San Juan.

Then we went to this short strip of road where major resorts and food places are located.


We spent the rest of the day wading in our pool and preparing for our trip home. It was a short and sweet vacation.


The thing is that San Juan looks like it’s not yet ready for a big influx of tourists. The number of food places do not look like it can accommodate the people going there. Most places seem to be understaffed. I hope that the government helps in the promotion of this place while ensuring the quality of the services being provided.