Scuba Diving

First, this was not from my dive. We were snorkeling while the first batch was doing theirs.

So how was my first scuba dive? 

Awesome! Under the sea is a different world. And I cannot believe why I only discovered this now. I am happy I joined this trip and I think I will want to do it  again! Hopefully soon!

One thing, though, it’s really tiring!

Boarding and Flight

Wow. We actually boarded on time. 
I am also happy that Cebu Pacific has upgraded it’s plane. We are now riding a 3-column airplane. Sorry but I am not familiar with plane models.

Ah, now I remember why I didn’t have lunch. I accidentally selected meals for this flight. I hope it tastes good. 

See you in 4 hours. 😊

Waiting to Board

It was 1:30 PM and with all the inefficiencies of this airport, I was worried that I might not make it in time for my flight.

I was pleasantly surprised that there aren’t ling queues at the Immigration counters. Also, I had my shortest immigration interview to date. I was just asked which company I qas working for and that was it.

Boarding is at 2:30 PM and 10 minutes feel like forever at this point.