I don’t even know what to say. I have a lot of questions running on my mind. Add to that some feelings that need to be verbalized and released.

But, I just can’t.

Today life proved how it is so unfair. Or was it just teaching a lesson on knowing what we deserve?

I’m just hoping that tomorrow will be a better day.



One of the things that I don’t like are people who take people and situations for granted.

For example, we have an incoming delivery of new laptops. Those two are assigned to us as instructed by the very big boss. It is to complement our work as on call personnel.

Know also that our boss had his new laptop last year and ruined it by cracking its screen a week into their new happy life.

Now, the boss’ laptop was supposed to be assessed for repair especially since it’s new. However, when he heard that our new laptops are to be delivered this week, he asked if he could have one and his destroyed laptop be transferred to us.


He said that getting a new laptop is urgent because the one he’s currently using is about to give up. If that was the case, why did he wait long enough for his laptop to be repaired. And, as I have learned from the purchasing team, no work has started because he wasn’t too keen on processing this repair request.

Urgent, my ass.

Of Traffic and Lost Productivity

Last January 4, the Department of Transportation and Communications effected the increase in fares for the metro train system. As written in this article, the increase has been deferred so many times and it is just the first time it was put into implementation.

I have no qualms about this fare hike and the possible improvements that could result from it. However, what I am tired of are people who constantly complain about such increase and are so impatient with the improvements.

How do you expect improvements to happen overnight when this is the first time the fare hike was implemented since the start of MRT operations in 2003. The government has been subsidizing the use of the public transport system which the users should be glad to pay for.

I have the experience of riding Bangkok’s BTS and I didn’t mind paying 40 pesos to ride the train. It was actually a service worth paying for because of the convenience of the travel. And the Korean subway system pays for almost the same amount. How could you say that for our very own train system?

15 pesos for a trip won’t go very far. If you could ask me, that is very small compared to the convenience of traveling from the eastern part of Quezon City to the heart of Manila in just around 30 minutes.

I look forward to what the DOTC has in store for train operations in the country. I heard that a subway is currently being planned. A larger network of trains will help us get to where we need to go faster.

So, to those who don’t have anything to do but complain, you don’t make the government work for you. All they have to do is provide you with the most basic of needs. For anything other than that, you have to pay for it.

Rants: Useless

Can I just say that you guys are very useless? Or you just forget about us because the instructions did not come from the boss? What kind of service is that?


Our computers cannot connect to the server for almost three weeks now. The only thing provided by the IT department was to give us a super proxy that can help us download installer software for the server. This is irritating. They had no other help in looking for solutions to our problems. Whenever we call to follow-up on the said problem, they always say that the ticket is already closed. CLOSED. CLOSED. How can it be closed when they weren’t even able to do anything for us?

I really want to look for their comments box and shout out that they don’t have any care at all. True, they have a lot of stuff to do, but how can they not know that we also need them. Hello, three people are sharing the use of a single computer for three weeks! How do you think that translates to our productivity?

Can I just go to their area and shout out how I think of them as a bullshit department? Their priorities should definitely be revisited.

They make me go angry and the week is just starting.

Rants: Conversations

Last Thursday, we had this talk about the DNA of the company. We first tackled the company’s purpose. It was all about what our unit’s purpose is and how it relates to the overall purpose of the company. We had to give examples of how we exhibited such purpose.

Seriously, why? Do we really need to talk about this? Should we be wasting time on this instead of doing or completing our tasks for the day?

I am all for employees knowing what their purpose in the company is. I don’t think that that was the right venue nor timing. You are going to take us out of our working just to talk about this? It just doesn’t feel right.

Also, we need to write down our stories to be submitted to Human Resources. Are we that short of acknowledgment that employees need to submit their own just so they can be recognized? Great work, Human Resources. You are such great people.

If you ask me, this is not how it should be done. I could not think of alternatives right now but the feel doesn’t feel right. It just makes me lose faith in the company even more.


I have reported this problem last Tuesday. Until today there has been no response. They provided me with common sense solutions like restarting the server or unplugging and plugging back the LAN connection. As if I haven’t done that already.

They still haven’t visited the computer and have no notice of when they will do. This is frustrating.


So this is how it goes. It’s the bank’s anniversary and they were giving team members of certain projects that had a lot if impact awards as Heroes.

I attended that awarding solely because my office friends wanted to and we had an awardee in our midst.

As the program moved on, we arrived at the awarding ceremonies. They awarded the branch operations for their successful audit of ISO. My colleague and I looked at each other. They were given awards for that and we weren’t even invited. Okay, maybe it was too farfetched for us to think of it that way. But we also played a major part during that ISO audit. They made us stop our normal work just for us to service them at their time of need. The sad thing, too, is that even an email of gratitude was not sent.

We just let it pass. But, Round 2 wasn’t so far behind. One project was awarded too. That was a project of mine. I did the manual, processes and forms for that product. They awarded the Marketing Team for that certain project. I decided not to comment about it. However, my colleague noticed that it was a project I worked on. It was. And it somehow hurt.

For a company I really want to get out of, you’d expect some good congratulations on the work that you did well. It was alright if they didn’t. But it is a slap on your face if the other members of the team were given recognition and you didn’t. After all, there wasn’t any big different between what we did. It was supposed to be a group effort where the members brought their own expertise on the table.

It sucked big time. Do I have to make this a motivation that recognition or not I will still continue doing a good job? Or a motivation to move to better, greener pastures?