Good Game

It was a 3-set loss against the 10th best team in the world. The time when they didn’t habe their ace, Kim Yeon Koung, the team was able to be in step with the Koreans.

But, alas, the coach, not warning to experiment further, had no choice but to put her in. 

It was still a strong performance for the Philippines but it was just not enough. This game revealed the strengths and opportunities for improvement of the NT.

Still proud of the girls and what they achieved so far! I am sure that some of the players are now being scouted against. 


Game Time

First game between Kazakhstan and Vietnam is finished! I am happy I decided to watch today because the quality of play is so awesome. 

I was actually hesitant to watch live because of the venue. But, this event doesn’t always happen. And who am I to deny myself a chance to watch the best teams in Asia.

Excited to watch the next matches especially Philippines against Korea!


Even though that it isn’t a big league, being a captain of our off-season team has a lot of responsibilities.

Usually, I am just a team player and I focus on my goal. I am not expected to do anything inside the court but to do my job.

Now, I have to lead by example and motivate.

What happens when you are not performing well?

I just learned a valuable lesson today. It’s doubly hard to motivate a team when you have problems to deal with. It’s hard to keep your emotions in check and make sure that the team is still running in good condition.

Next time, I have to be careful of my actions and be a more motivational team leader. I can forgo performing well for the better team coordination.

SEA Games 2017 Ticketing


Kuala Lumpur 2017 Official Logo

On July 4, 2017, the Malaysian Organizing Committee for Kuala Lumpur 2017 has released tickets to 19 sporting events and the opening and closing ceremonies of the South East Asian Games. The games, held on August 19 – 30 this year, will coincide with Malaysia’s independence celebration.

What struck me most is that tickets range from MYR 10 – 20. These tickets are cheap!

What is more important is that most of the sports events are free to the public. I am so relieved because I thought that these tickets would cost me thousands of pesos!

So, if you’re watching the SEA Games this year in Malaysia (like me), you can visit their website (here) or check out the sports events with schedules (here) or directly access the ticketing website (here).

The ticketing website accepts debit and credit card from all countries! See you during the Games!



Taken at: Kalumpang Covered Court in Marikina City, Philippines

It’s daunting. I was afraid to go all out. More than that, I have to adjust to not having any physical activity for the last four months.

I have no jump. I lost my spiking form. I couldn’t make full use of my shoulders.

I vowed that I will have my old form back. I will.



Taken at: Milgrosa Homes Multi-purpose Court in Marikina, Philippines

After three months of not playing volleyball due to a nerve problem, I was faced with a strong fear. I was too reluctant to play again even after a clearance from my doctor.

I was afraid of what my happen to my shoulder. I was afraid that I may not be able to use it the way I did before.

They also say that it’s also a mental game. What your mind can conceive, your body can achieve. It’s all in the mind.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Tonight, it did. I still wore my shoulder support just in case. But, as soon as the game started, it was like nothing ever happened.

I’m back, boys.

Stand up, eight.

Two weeks ago, we played with a batch that is 7 years younger than us. Definitely, agility and freshness is on their side. They are probably in a better shape than most of us. It is tagged as one of the best games for the season because they really are a force to contend with.

We played them 3 sets in a losing effort. It was our first loss of the season.

And the worst part is, it was my worst performance too. Attacks were soaring outside. Reception was all over the place. Blocking was almost non-existent. Services couldn’t cross the net.

Disappointing was not the correct word for it. It was dismal. Dreary. Upsetting. Depressing. And other what-have-yous.

Today is the last day of eliminations. I want to bounce back from the forgettable performance. We were battling against our nemesis for last season’s finals. They are 6 years younger and, probably, another team that is more agile than us.

To make the story short, I did. I resurrected from the dead with timely hard hits and drops. What I could improve on is reception and consistency in service.

Everyone was happy. We won. We ended the eliminations in first place and have a twice to beat advantage going into the semis. It was not only me who performed well, everyone delivered.

We all delivered when it mattered the most.

Rio 2016 Olympics

Just 6 months before the next Summer Olympics. I cannot believe how fast time could go. I could remember watching amazing volleyball and basketball games of the London Olympics. Now, we’re going to be treated to yet again a performance we wouldn’t forget.

Too bad I couldn’t be in Rio for this. However, I promised myself that I’ll be in Japan for 2020! It is in my bucket list to watch an Olympic volleyball final live. 2020 will be the next best opportunity.


It is one of the anticipated games. The teams currently ranked 1 and 2 are about to go at it. We train for it because we are competitive.

Then, one of the worst things happened. I sprained an ankle. One player crossed the center line and I landed on his foot. I was fearful for myself in that moment. I need to play tomorrow.

I shook it off. I tried to walk it. I ran to make it more stable. And once the pain stopped, I returned back to court. I need to make it feel normal. There was no initial swelling so I was a bit relieved.

When I got home, I prepared for bed, took out a big slab of meet and tied it to my ankle. Ice is nowhere to be found and I had to make do with cold cuts.

I woke up the next day with a wet pillow near my feet. I tried to feel if there’s still pain. I tried getting up and walking it off. It felt like nothing ever happened.

The match started. Most people are nervous and the No. 1 team surged ahead. 6 points was the lead. The score was 19-13 and we had our own run. With their every point, we countered with 3 or 4 of our own until it was 24-24. A couple of exchanges later, we emerged with a 28-26 first set victory.

Another set of people came in for the next set and they’re having an easier time than us. The coach asked me to prepare myself and he inserted me into the game at 18-14 with us leading. I only had one instruction from him. Finish the game for us.

As expected, most of the sets came to me and I delivered. It also helped that the other team was adding points off their own errors.

Then, this happened.

The final point that says we’re ending up first in the standings. The point that doesn’t show I have an injured ankle. The point that denied their team a sweep of the eliminations.

Now, I am back home and my ankle buckled under so much weight. I am icing it right now to prevent any swelling.

But, if worst comes to worst and it won’t be okay by the next week, I will still train and play. I won’t back down from a fight especially when there’s pride at stake.