The Host

Hi, I’m Jod and I host this site.

I titled this blog The Gozum Show as a tribute to all those magazine shows out there. I am thinking of this a repository of my thoughts, experiences, reviews, photos and videos. And I am hoping to share a bit of myself to you guys.

What I have discovered about myself, so far:

  • I am an introvert. I’d rather listen than talk. I’d rather work than give orders.
  • I am a laid-back person. I am the epitome of a true Filipino in terms of time. I believe that things have their own time and space and if it’s meant to happen now, there’s no stopping it.
  • I love taking pictures. I am not a photographer just a person who has a camera and likes to take pictures. I love creating memories and preserving them. It’s very much like my planner / diary / journal / scrapbook.
  • Having said that, I tend to forget things I do not write. That’s why I have this blog here. We’re going circles, you see. That just means that everything has meaning to it.
  • I love my family. Nothing beats having them around even if my older sisters make fun of me. With them, I feel loved and protected and accepted.
  • I want to travel. I plan to go on a travel frenzy around the Philippines first before discovering foreign land. I love the Philippines and I love its landscape. I want to be able to say that I have been to every part of the archipelago.
  • I love to learn about culture and food of the different countries in the world.
  • I keep an active lifestyle. It’s like I am going to be sick if I do not move. That also means that I have fast metabolism which makes some people envious of me because I do not get fat even if I eat too much. I just hope I won’t suffer the consequences later in life.

That’s about it. I am also stern and strict if we’re not close. But I am really a good and loyal friend once we got to know each other.

I hope you enjoy the show!


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