First Real Meal

Last April, I fell in love with this udon store named Marugame Udon. You choose what you want to include in your meal. There also choices for tempura and other deep fried Japanese comfort food.

So, when I returned to come back, I had to return to this place.

I can’t say the exact location but it’s in front of the Chinese embassy. It’s on the alley beside the Starbucks across from Lotte Young Mall.


5 thoughts on “First Real Meal

  1. Thank you for sharing all your images of The Philippines and Korea, it’s fascinating to see the little details of every day life on the other side of the world!

      1. It’s an area of the world I would love to visit, but may not get chance to, as it is such a long way from home. Your photos give me a chance to see what it like to live there, rather than just visiting the big tourist sites.

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