Korean Summer Escapade

So, instead of creating lengthy posts about how my Korean summer went, I went on to live blog bits and pieces of the itinerary.

Here’s the collection of everything that went on.

July 20

Checking In

Waiting to Board

Boarding and Flight



Settling In

July 21

Coffee, anyone?

Train to Suwon

Suwon Hwaseong Fortress

Lunch at Lotteria

Fortress Wall

Korea vs Kazakhstan

On the way back to Seoul

Dropped by Myeongdong

First Real Meal

July 22

Day 3 Start!

City Hiking Challenge


A Walk Back in Time

Don’t Miss

Bags Galore

July 23

Good Morning?


Mad Dash

Let the Fun Begin

Muddy Adventure

In for the Meat

Walking Along the Shore

Midnight Run

July 24

Early to Rise?

What You See, What You Get

Lunch Break

Battle Ready

Fun Times

Best Chicken in Town

A Little Dose of Reality

July 25

Back to Where We Were


One Last

Seafood Still

I Have Given Up

Early Check In

The Beginning of the End

Last Supper




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