Buying Korail Tickets Online

This July, we’re going to Korea to drop by the Boryeong Mud Festival. Since there is only limited accommodations in Daecheon Beach, we were forced to spend some time in Seoul (me) and Busan (my friend).

We decided to book rail tickets instead of going there by bus because we wanted to be sure that we have a ride to Daecheon Beach. We didn’t have the facility to book bus tickets so we went with the railway.

To book tickets with Korail:

1. Access the Korail Ticketing Website (here). On the Rail Tickets tab, you’ll find the Booking Online option.

Korail 1.jpg

2. You can now input the details of your trip. We chose Transfer in Travel Type because there are no direct trains to Daecheon. Then, you may click Inquiry.

Korail 2.jpg

3. The site will show you available trips. You may Select the trips that are suited to you schedule.

Korail 3.jpg

4. Once you have selected your trips, you will be asked to input your personal information.

Korail 4.jpg

5. Upon clicking Next, you will be given a summary of your trip. Please check this before proceeding to payment. A one-way ticket is KRW 19,700.

Korail 5.jpg

Korail 6.jpg

6. If payment is successful, you will be allowed to print your tickets!

Korail 7.jpg

We will do the same cycle for our return trip to Seoul. We couldn’t afford being off-timing because it will also be the day of our return to Manila.



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