How To Burnout Employees

You know you’re doing a good job when:

  1. Assign them to a totally incompetent line manager
  2. Make them do all the thinking and have the line manager micro-manage them
  3. Have the micro-managing line manager move to another department
  4. Remove one half of the original pair and inject another officer who’s just thinking about retirement
  5. Make them do all of the work and supervise them oh-so-slightly
  6. Assign urgent items and request for items that were put on hold
  7. Give them work that should be handled by a team of 4
  8. Leave all of decision making to them
  9. Be completely oblivious to the need of having a framework or direction

That’s probably a good way to start.

And, honestly, I am on the verge of having a burnout. I am completely lacking in confidence and I don’t think I want this anymore. I am actually looking for a direction. A framework. If I could only tear everything apart and build my own program, I’d probably do it. However, I do not have the expertise to do it and I don’t want to build it based on feelings and irrational judgment.

That’s all. Maybe that’s why I am lethargic or unmotivated most of the time. That’s probably why I am tired or always looking forward to the end of the day or the weekend. I just hope things will pick up soon.

And I just hope that I could have the courage to say: “I don’t think this project is working.. Let’s just build our own first and conform to an international standard once we have matured.”

There’s still hope though. There’s hope that a phoenix will slowly rise from the ashes that burned.


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