Online Travel Tax Payment

If you are frequent flyer from the Philippines, you’ll know about the hassles of falling in line at Philippine airports. The line for checking in is long enough. Then, if you’re flying internationally, you’d still have to line up to pay your International Travel Tax.

This tax, honestly, I don’t know where it goes.

In 2016, the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) developed an online portal wherein you can pay for your travel tax. I honestly have not heard of it, but since our flight to Taiwan is in a bit of a danger zone due to rush hour traffic, I decided to check it out.

You can access the payment portal here. And you’ll be directed to this webpage.

Travel Tax 1.jpg

If you don’t have an account with TIEZA yet, you may register by clicking Don’t have any account? Click Here and you will be led to this registration page.

Travel Tax 2.jpg

Upon filling out the form and clicking on Register, the site will ask you to confirm the information you just entered.

Travel Tax 3.jpg

If everything is correct, click Ok. You will be sent to the main page.

Travel Tax 4.jpg

It’s up to you if you want to confirm your registered email address. As for me, I’d like everything to be clean so I confirmed the registration. To pay for your travel tax, click Fill up Travel Tax Payment Form under Application Type.

Travel Tax 5.jpg

You can now fill up your payment form.

  • Flight Class: Economy or First Class
  • Destination: I wrote the city of the airport I will land in. In our case, Taipei -Taoyuan
  • Airport: Port of departure
  • Payment Type: the service is initially available to Bancnet and Visa cardholders only. For Bancnet card, there’s an additional PHP 10 for convenience fee. For Visa cardholders, 1.75% (or approximately PHP 30) will be added as convenience fee
  • Date / Time of Departure: for the flight the international travel tax is intended for
  • Travel Tax Type: Exemption or Reduced Tax with Ticket or Full Tax. You may check your type here.
  • Sub Tax Type: Others or Tourist or Permanent
  • Confirmation / Ticket Number: I put the booking reference number of the travel itinerary sent upon booking of flight
  • Your Documents: I added into my documents the travel itinerary for the flight

If you’re done with all the details, you may click Confirm Application to proceed with the payment.

Travel Tax 6.jpg

Since I’ll be leaving the country as a tourist, I had to pay PHP 1620. You may now input your card details to finish payment. Click Confirm Payment.

Travel Tax 7.jpg

There will be confirmation of successful payment. You may now Print the receipt of your travel tax and bring it on the day of your flight together with your other travel documents.

Travel Tax 8.jpg

Although it’s a good step towards airport process efficiency, why does the tax have to be separate from the ticket that you’re buying. Unlike PAL, you don’t have the option to pay for it while booking your flights.

Maybe the airport management should look into that to avoid multiple steps in the checking-in process.


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