A Weekend in Taipei Itinerary

I wanted to try something crazy when it comes to travel. When presented with an opportunity, I grabbed it. So, next weekend, I will be in Taipei to eat!

Here’s my itinerary for that short Taipei trip.

Day 0

11:15 PM Flight to Taoyuan Airport

Day 1

1:20 AM Arrival in Taoyuan

Very short sleep

Train to Ruifang then Pingxi Line

Shifen and Shifen Lantern


Back to Taipei

Shilin Night Market, Raohe Night Market

Day 2

Tamsui (Old Street and Fort Santo Domingo)

Ximending and Carrefour

Afternoon Rest

Ningxia Night Market

Transfer to Taoyuan Airport

Day 2+

1:45 AM Flight to Manila

It will be a tiring weekend and I know you’d think we’re crazy for doing this. But, it has been a general curiosity of what it would be like.



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