Getting a Taiwan Travel Authorization Certificate

For the Philippines, it was good news when Taiwan wanted to experiment with a visa free entry for Filipinos starting June 2017 (here).

However, there was a news article that could postpone this plan due to technical issues (here).  So if you’re planning to go to Taiwan before the visa-free entry is in place, you either need to apply for a visa (which you can now do online) or get a travel authorization certificate (which is the focus of this entry).

What makes you eligible for a travel authority certificate?

  1. You have remaining 6 months validity on your passport starting from your arrival date in Taiwan
  2. You have already purchased an onward plane / ferry ticket
  3. You have never been employed as a blue-collar worker in Taiwan

If you find yourself as eligible, you need to have documents issued by any of the countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • New Zealand
  • any of the Schengen countries
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

The documents needed are:

  • Valid resident or permanent resident card
  • Valid entry visa (may be electronic)
  • Resident card or visa that has expired less than 10 years prior to date of entry in Taiwan

If you have satisfied all of the requirements above you may apply for a Taiwan Travel Authorization Certificate here.

Upon clicking the link, you will see this page:

Page 1.jpg



Select the language you’re more comfortable with; then, click Next.

Page 2.jpg


This just shows the process flow of the application. You need not pay attention to this. Click, Next.

Page 3.jpg


Then some information on eligibility and document requirements. Click Next. In the next page, you now have to fill in your information.

Page 4.jpg


Some notes on filling out the form:

  • If you have a middle name: write the name in either the Surname or First Name fields.
  • This online application is for people holding regular passports only.
  • For this application, I used my multiple entry Korean visa. The Visa Number is the one indicated in the upper right hand portion of the visa. These are the numbers of the PHXXXXXX sequence.
  • If you have submitted this application and there was a mistake in any of the information in it, you can just fill out a new application.

If you’re done, click Next.

Page 5.jpg


You are given a chance to review the details of your application. If there’s an error, you can go back and re-encode the correct data. If you’re done and satisfied, type in the correct captcha code, then click Submit.

Page 6.jpg



You will be forwarded to the approval page. I honestly don’t think anyone will be disapproved. To get your travel certificate, you just click Print and it will download the PDF file of the certificate.


You can now print your Travel Authorization Certificate.

Page 7.jpg

Here are some notes on your certificate:

  • It has a validity of 90 days. If unused during that period, you have to apply for another one. Multiple entries within that 90-day period is allowed.
  • Length of stay for certificate holders is 30 days starting from the day after your arrival in Taiwan.
  • If in the event that your travel certificate will expire before the end of your trip in Taiwan, you must apply 7 days before the expiry of your current certificate.
  • During the immigration process, present this certificate together with the visa you used in the application and your return ticket. The failure to present the said documents may result to denial of entry to Taiwan.

Now that you have another entry document to Taiwan, enjoy and happy eating!




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