Spring in Seoul v.3 (Day 4)

This is one of the shortest days ever. We had to sleep in because we will be checking out as soon as we leave for Myeongil.

We rode the subway to a far-off station of Myeongil. It’s on the outskirts of Seoul.




What are we doing in Myeongil, you ask?



This place is one of the best eats in Seoul. People flock to this place for their food. Foodies are not the only ones who visit this place. It’s also visited by fanboys and fangirls like us.


Viva Polo is essentially a shrine to EXO member Chanyeol. It’s a restaurant owned by his mother. At times, you’d see her attending to customer’s needs. Some of the staff, too, are members of Chanyeol’s extended family.




What did I tell you?

Viva Polo is the most non-Korean of the food that I ate during this trip. But, I don’t mind. I was paying tribute to Chanyeol.

By the way, I ordered pescatore. It’s seafood with a tomato-based sauce. Serving size is not a problem because you will really get what you paid for.

The Myeongil subway station still has Chanyeol’s birthday greeting.


He had his birthday last November 27 and it’s already April!

After lunch, it was back to Myeongdong for some last minute shopping.



I had to drag myself because I really didn’t want to leave. I still found something to buy despite my very full luggage. I just found a way to put them in available spaces.

We left for the airport at around 4 PM. Our flight is at 7:35 PM. It was an easy ride because of the Airport Limousine.

We had dinner at the airport, found some more things to bring home, and waited for our flight. I had to condition myself that I’d be back again in July. 3 months is not a long wait.




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