Spring in Seoul v.3 (Day 2)

T oday is a trip to Nami Island. We decided to be on the more comfortable side so we booked bus and entry tickets via the Nami Island website (here). For KRW 23,000 you get round-trip bus tickets and entrance to Nami Island. You can also book one-way bus tickets for KRW 7,500.


From Myeongdong station, we made our way to Seoul Station. And from Exit 4, we ran towards Sungnyemun Gate. The bus is scheduled to leave at 9:30 and we almost missed it! Good thing that there were people who arrived later. It actually feels good that you aren’t the cause of delay.

An hour later, we were on the ferry dock of Nami Island. There were so many people that day.


See how South Korea and Philippines are very good friends?


What did I tell you about the number of people?



Welcome to Nami Island!


To be honest, I’ve never been to a Nami Island with trees that have leaves. Last winter, everything was bare. The spring before that, the leaves are just about to grow. And now, I am pleasantly surprised that Nami Island is more beautiful with its leaves. It makes me wonder how much more beautiful this place will be during the fall.



Nami Island is awarded a Child Friendly Park award by UNICEF. They hold an annual Children’s Book Festival and cultural events for children.


The first path that you’ll be walking through is the Korean pine tree path.





And, when you get near the Central Plaza, you will smell one of the most delicious smells ever – sausage. This costs KRW 2,500 per stick and is worth every penny (ehem, won).


In the Central Plaza, there are a lot of food choices. We decided to go with the Asian restaurant since it was almost lunch time too. I ordered bulgogi because we’re in Korea and I have to eat Korean food.



In Korea, you get what you pay for. A KRW 10,000 meal really does feel and look like KRW 10,000 – serving-wise and taste-wise.


What about dessert? Hotteok is my second favorite Korean street food. Hotteok is a pancake with brown sugar, nuts, and cinnamon as filling.


From the Central Plaza, you go to so many different directions. We easily picked the Cherry Tree Lane that leads to the hotel of Nami Island.





You’d soon realize that most people stay in the Central Plaza and the Metasequoia Lane – the most famous of all the walking paths. So, if you want peace and quiet in Nami, you have to go to the ‘outskirts’ of the island.

It’s easy to say that Nami is one of the most romantic places in Seoul. During our time there, there were so many people going on dates. It’s not just the young ones too.



After a few hours of walking, it’s now time to leave Nami Island. The bus going back to Seoul is scheduled to leave at 4:00 PM. We went back at around 3:30 PM and then browsed through the nearby CU Mart for some food to eat.



We are now back in Seoul. We were dropped at the Sungnyemun Gate.


We walked for a little while until we reached City Hall station. Why not use Seoul Station? We were going to Hongdae which is connected to the Line 2 of the subway system. City Hall station is also along Line 2 so we don’t have to transfer stations.


Welcome to Hongik University station Exit 9!


We were supposed to meet our friend. But, since he’s not yet done with his thing, we decided to just meet up at 8 PM on the same spot. From there we went to Churro 101. What is Churro 101? Churro 101 is the store of churros that are better than any boyfriend.


I’m not making things up. They’re the ones who claimed it.


I bought the one with custard cream filling and one with cream cheese filling. The verdict? Yes, they are better than any boyfriend. They are tasty, sweet, and has a lot of flavor. The bread is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. It’s worth trying!

I will definitely come back for more.

Since it was still too early to meet up, we decided to just roam the streets of Hongdae.



One of my favorite things about Hongdae is busking. Busking is the performance of students (actually, anyone) that shows of their talents. Some more successful than others. There’s dancing, singing, and, to some extent, variety shows.


Instead of going inside for dinner, we decided to munch on street food instead. I had tempura and that corndog type thing and gimbap and chicken on skewers. It was really filling.




One good thing about eating while standing is that you don’t feel like the food is staying in your stomach.


After dinner, we had another serving of bingsu from Sulbing’s branch in Hongdae. I had my own bowl of my usual strawberry bingsu. After that, it was back to the guesthouse for us.





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