Moving. I’ve never experienced one. I have been living in one place since I was born.

Now, it’s time to move. I might be making a big deal out of it because we’re just going to transfer to a house two or so blocks away.

However, now I understand where all the touchy-feely comes from.

Home is where the heart is. There is always the sentimental value of the place where you allowed yourself to be vulnerable.

That’s what I’m feeling right now. I am leaving a bedroom that has been witness to countless sleepless nights, a sanctuary from long and tiring days.

Now, I will have to accustom myself to a different environment, new neighbors, and a different home life. But, what makes it more special is that we can call it our own.

We don’t have to answer to anybody. We won’t need to abide by someone else’s rules.

This ought to be hard. Starting over is never easy.


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