2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten

2Cool 2 Be 4gotten.jpg
credits to the owner of the poster

I am not sure about what the movie wanted to convey. Am I thinking too much? Or was it meant to be digested by merely face value?

Although it was a bit confusing to me, I could relate to it. It was my youth. And if you live in a sleepy town, anything out the ordinary will be enticing and cool for you. Something that stood out of the crowd will be totally unforgettable. I related to it too much because I was a wallflower in high school. And I believe that, given the same situation, I would have been sucked into the world that’s so different from my mundane routine.

There were two things good about the film. I commend the inclusion of Kapampangan. I love movies that indirectly promotes the diversity and beauty of Philippine languages. I was a bit turned off, though, by the exaggeration of the stereotypical, H-abundant, and airy way Kapampangans (demonym for those living in Pampanga) speak.

Second, it was really the story of the times. There are a lot of half-breeds in that part of town. Those were the times when evil spirits possessed students’ bodies. People were trying to rebuild their lives after the Mount Pinatubo explosion. However, it seemed a little disconnected and, at times, unnecessary.

Over-all, the movie is so-so. Khalil Ramos’ acting won me over. Actually, the acting is the best thing about the film. The story was a bit dark and I couldn’t believe that there are people who could think that way. They have the opportunity to develop the story into something more profound and Maxim’s character could have been explored to do so much more.


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