Spontaneous or Reckless?

I couldn’t imagine how impulsive I was in terms of travel this year. Would you look at that line-up:

  • Seoul, South Korea (December 28 – January 7) – because Winter Wonderland.
  • Seoul, South Korea (April 11 – April 15) – who can get enough of cherry blossom? Also, my friends need international travel stamps for our planned trip to Italy.
  • Taipei, Taiwan (May 19 – 22) – have achieved a new high, spend a weekend abroad
  • Boryeong, South Korea (July 20 – 25) – mud festival! Hooping to see more of Korea’s beaches
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (August 27 – September 2) – SEA Games, here we come!
  • Busan, South Korea (November 3 – 8 ) – ready to experience the fall foliage

Imagine. I’ll be visiting South Korea in all of its four seasons – winter, spring, summer, fall.

Let’s see how everything will go.


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