Playa Laiya Resort


It has been a busy first two months of the year and people needed to de-stress. My colleagues and I decided to go to the beach and just unwind.

The plan was to stay in our friend’s hometown in Lipa and drive down to Laiya for some much-needed R&R.

We went to Playa Laiya. Playa Laiya, based on their website, is an exclusive seaside residential community in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas. Built on a 128-hectare leisure-tourism estate, it showcases an extensive beachfront that offers the perfect setting for seaside living.

Before you decide on visiting, make sure that you or someone you know owns a lot within the community. If not, you won’t be able to enjoy the amenities.


I was actually looking forward to just taking a nap, by the sea, with the sun touching my skin, and the soft summer breeze lulling me to sleep.


But what is the use of exerting effort to go here if I’m just going to sleep?



They have a nice infinity pool. The water is warmer than that of the ocean. Plus, the sand was a bit uncomfortable for the feet. It’s like quicksand, not that I have experienced quicksand before.

There was also a beach volleyball court. Of course, would we let the opportunity pass?


All in all, it was nice place. Too bad, there weren’t places you could really sleep in. The cabana by the beach is good for day tours but during overnights, you’d want a real bed for the complete relaxing experience.


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