Miss Saigon 25th Anniversary Performance

Credits to the owner of the poster

For the musical’s 25th birthday, the producers decided to film the cast on West End and have it shown to select cinemas around the world. For the Philippines, fortunately, they will be shown until November 16, 2017.

You can visit the SM Cinemas website for tickets. For parents who want to bring their children, the movie (musical) is rated as R-13. So, children below 13 years old are not permitted to watch. Plus, the general theme of the musical would be too heavy for them.

So, on to my thoughts.


The cast is extraordinary. It was superbly cast. Great singing. Great acting. Great production. It was emotional and heart-wrenching, and it was how it should be.

I just had the problem with Eva Noblezada’s (Kim) singing. The tone isn’t as consistent. I wasn’t to happy with the transition from high to low notes on Sun and Moon. But, she can really hit those power note which made I Still Believe and I’d Give My Life For You too much for one heart.

And one of the best performances for the night was Jon Jon Briones. I couldn’t fathom the depth of character he gave to The Engineer. Another one was Kwang-ho Hong as Thuy. You don’t get a lot of Korean actors in musicals lately and it’s nice to see one make it big.

This show was wonderfully thought out. It was the marriage of live stage caught with the technology of cinema production.

One thing that I loved about this is the camera work. Miss Saigon is probably one of those musicals who would do great in the screen because of the complexity and completeness of the production.

Just a question, though. Kim, a country bumpkin, and Chris, an American GI, hit it off on their first night together. How did Kim communicate with Chris to tell her story? I know it’s a musical.

One thing that irks me about this musical was how selfish Kim was. I don’t know how emotionally burdened she is considering she killed her own cousin and the love of her life is already married. But, did she really have to kill herself in order for Tam to have the life she wanted for him/her?

Anyway, if I didn’t convince you, here’s the trailer for the movie of Miss Saigon.

The movie also features a gala performance by three of the original cast members namely Lea Salonga, Simon Bowman, and Jonathan Pryce. If that doesn’t still convince you, I don’t know what will.



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