Sun Moon Lake Wenwu Temple (文武廟)



Address: 63, Zhongzheng Rd, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan 555

How to get there: Wenwu Temple Bus Stop

Operating Hours:

Entrance Fee: NTD 0


A wenwu temple is a temple that generates veneration for patron gods of civil (wen) and martial (wu) affairs. This temple has three separate halls: (1) for the first ancestor, Kanji, and the God of Literature, (2) Guan Gong, God of War, and Yue Fei, warrior God, and (3) Confucius.


There are 365 steps leading to the rear hall of the temple which are also called the 365 Steps to Heaven. And for just NTD 100 you can buy an ornament, have it blessed, and say a wish. The temple is filled with ornaments like these.

The most impressive aspect of this temple, for me, was the craftsmanship. There are very intricate designs that depict the many beliefs of this temple’s patrons.




At the rear hall, most tourists overlook this spot. It’s a great area to see the lake and the surroundings. It’s also even better during sunset.



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