Ita Thao Pier (伊達邵)


Address: Yidashao St, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan 555

How to get there: Ita Thao Village Bus Stop

Operating Hours:

Entrance Fee:

The Thao people are one of the recognized indigenous people of Taiwan. A legend tells the story of how the Thao people came to live in this side of the lake.


Now, the Ita Thao Pier is one of the bustling commercial (yes, at this rate it’s already commercial) parts of the Sun Moon Lake. It is also home to a lot of hotels and local restaurants. Good thing, too, we were about to have a late lunch.



Sometimes, I get confused with the correct romanization of Ita Thao. There’s Yidashou or Ida Shou.

Near the Ita Thao Village is the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway which is your gateway to the Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village.


There are so many good food to try and they are really enticing.


These are deep-fried shrimp and dried fish.


And tofu prepared in a number of ways.


And gigantic squid filled with a lot of vegetables and meat.

If you want to go food tripping in the Sun Moon Lake area, Ita Thao Village is the place you have to go to.


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