Round-the-Lake Bus


The easiest (and cheapest) way to go to places around the Sun Moon Lake is by riding the Round-the-Lake bus. You can buy a day pass for NTD 80. You can ride whenever, wherever.

TIP: Do not lose your ticket. You have to show it whenever you have to ride the bus.

This is the route the bus takes.


TIP: Try to go to the farthest ones first. Buses to the Xuanguang Pier are rare.



The bus has a route number of 6669 and has different schedules on weekdays, weekends, and the holiday. You can check out their schedule here.

TIP: It gets a little tricky if you’re going to the not necessarily famous places like hiking trails or the peacock garden especially if you don’t speak an ounce of Chinese. The bus doesn’t drop by the bus stop if passengers do not press the Stop button or if there are no passengers waiting for the bus.


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