Biking along Sun Moon Lake


We decided to just have a free afternoon and fully explore the lake the next day. In the meantime, we rented a bike for NTD 200 which should be returned by 5 PM.

Sun Moon Lake is a very bike friendly-area. In fact, there’s an annual biking competition held in the surrounding areas annually. Other than that, the circumference of the lake is lined with bike lanes for the enjoyment of those visiting the lake.



This path drops by Shuishe Dam which doesn’t allow people to ride their bikes because of the dangers.


We also dropped by the Xiangshan Visitor Center. It’s another area with a very good view of the Sun Moon Lake.


The Xiangshan Visitor Center strongly reminds me of Seoul’s DDP because of the curves and the organic architecture.


A view from the Xiangshan Lookout.


Biking around the lake is a must-do whenever you’re in the area. Most people do who visit do it.


All in all, it was a total of 8.6 kilometers round trip. Not bad. Especially on a good weather.




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