I was giddy. I was excited. It was my third time applying for a visa and I was clearly hoping that the breaks will come my way.

As usual, it was an easy process. It didn’t take long before our numbers are called for the release of our passports. The girl before me was told that she was given multiple entry for three years.

It was my turn. She just gave me my passport. That’s all. There was nothing more than a smile and the gesture of handing me the document.


I sat down. Lamented. Thought about being destructive. Then, a woman sat beside me. She was holding two passports in her left hand and her trembling right hand is trying to manipulate her mobile phone. I heard sniffs and silent cries for help.

Then I realized some important aspects of life. It was the cliche that you don’t always get what you want but you always get what you need. As long as we’re talking about cliches, it was also enlightening to be knowing that you’re in a much better position than others.

This isn’t schadenfraude. It is an honest feeling of relief knowing that some people are having it worse than me.

This is not bad. This is not bad at all.


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