Hakao and White Chicken by Ying Ying Tea House

In Manila’s Chinatown, there are a lot of authentic restaurants that will satisfy your craving for Chinese food. And since it’s full of Chinese patrons, Monica Geller will surmise that it’s a good restaurant. It’s one of the restaurants we weren’t able to visit on our food trip around Chinatown.

One of those restaurants is Ying Ying Tea House along Dasmarinas Street. On a good day, if you’re not familiar with Mandarin, everything will sound foreign to you.

Service is fast. As soon as you sit down, you’ll be given your teapot and the house tea that comes with it. You need not wait too long for your order to come too.


I love hakao in all of its forms. However, the skin on this one as moist as I want it to be. It easily disintegrated too (see photo). The filling, though, is heavenly. It’s probably one of the best, filling-wise.


For the main meal, I ordered the white chicken with ginger sauce. It’s my first time to taste a ginger sauce with chopped spring onions. It was better than I thought it would be. You’d first taste the spring onions and the ginger will come in the after taste. The chicken was steamed perfectly – the flesh separates from the bone. And, this is totally a personal preference, the rice is a bit dry for me. I like wet rice like the ones used by the Japanese and Koreans. But, over-all, the serving is big and the food delicious.

There are a lot more interesting items on the menu. The next time I’ll be in this side of town, Ying Ying Tea House won’t be left behind.


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