Ultimate Burger by Burger and Kebab Brothers

Lilac Street in Marikina has now blossomed into a street for all of your food trip cravings.

It’s one of the Brothers chain of restaurants (including Burrito and Breakfast). I was looking forward to a tasty burger since it’s my first meal of the day. Note that it was already 4 PM when we arrived.


You have seven layers of love in this thing, not necessarily in order:

  • black sesame seed buns
  • romaine lettuce
  • tomatoes
  • grilled onions
  • honey-cured bacon
  • American cheddar cheese
  • two burger patties

For PHP 220, you have all you need and more. Then, if you add PHP 45 more, you get a cup of lemon iced tea and fries.


I was bit disappointed with the number of fries. But, the upside is that they’re real potatoes and not oily at all. Plus, served hot and fresh from the pan. It needed a little seasoning, though.

Now, the burger. The burger was good. You get the feeling that it really came from the grill. The patties were as fresh as they can be. But, they didn’t put enough binder because the patties fall apart easily – even with just one pass of the knife. Everything went well together and it was satisfying.

One thing that let me down was the burger was a bit greasy. Having started a low fat, low sodium diet makes me sensitive to these things now. But, over-all, good burger.



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