Strawberry Bingsu at Hobing

On the 4th floor of the Mega Fashion Hall is a small stall dedicated to the Korean dessert – bingsu. They also offer Korean snacks like tteokbokki.

I’ve heard of Hobing alongside other places that offer bingsu like Cafe Seolhwa. I haven’t been to any. So, we took the opportunity.


My favorite bingsu is Sulbing. On Day 4 of my most recent visit to Seoul, I ordered the same in Sulbing’s branch in Hongdae. One big difference is the presence of whipped cream. I liked the red bean mochi better.

Anyway, it’s still good. Shaved ice is also fine. And that is the secret to good bingsu. However, there’s also a big difference in the quality of strawberry – they’re a bit sour. But, inside the bingsu are also strawberry jam that enhances the sweetness of the fruit.

Over-all, still good. The best one I’ve tasted in the country and the closest to my favorite bingsu chain. My friend ordered the chocolate brownie and said that it was also good! So try it!



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