Bagoong Rice and Crispy Squid by Nav Modern Thai Cuisine

On the 5th floor of Mega Fashion Hall is a different type of food court. You are offered cuisines from Japan, India, Thailand, and USA. I was really having thoughts about visiting Thailand, so I bought Thai food.


Before anything else, I’d like to commend the presentation. I chose the make your own meal option.

  1. You will choose a Thai dish.
  2. A side dish.
  3. The type of rice you want to go in your meal.

For PHP 175, I have crispy squid, son-in-law eggs, and bagoong rice. The squid isn’t crispy because of the way it was cooked but it tasted good and chewy. The son-in-law eggs are soft-boiled eggs in tamarind sauce. I wasn’t too thrilled with the sauce because it was a bit sweet. It was delicious, I’m just not a fan of sweet sauces. Then, one of the tastiest bagoong rice I ever had. The bagoong flavor is not strong and its combination with the julienned carrots, green mangoes, and cucumber was really good!

I’m looking forward to tasting the other dishes. But, so far, it’s good!



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