So we had quite a mishap in our visa processing today.

At the start of the process, you need to get a number stub from the representative. This will be the order of your application submission.

The conversation went like this:

Rep: Are you three together?

Me & Friend: Yup

Rep: Which of you are applying as a family?

*I pointed to my friend and his mom*

Then she gave us our number, 34. When we arrived at the office itself, it was already at number 15. Great, I thought. We need not waste a lot of time.

When our turn came, the strict and obnoxious lady who was receiving the applications did not want to get my documents because I was not part of the family. And she said that the representative confirmed that there were only 2 in the family.

WHAT THE HECK. If that was the case, then I’m screwed. I’m hearing people saying that they’re already in 130+.

I tried to find the representative who was in charge of giving out the numbers. She was trying to be superior about it by saying that when she asked about who were together, it’s about who are the members of the family.


Anyway, she also said that to not make the same mistake again? Like, I would do it all over again. She said that she already reserved a number, 109, for me the moment the lady officer called to confirm.

Although it was the end of that debacle, there were other things in the office that captured my attention:

  • The guard was not helpful at all. When I asked him, it’s like he didn’t know what goes around in the office. But, when travel agents were trying to get something from me, he gladly obliges.
  • These travel agents act like they own the place. It was not a pretty sight. They were too loud.
  • They didn’t start on time. 8:45 AM was the supposed start of application submission. It was almost 9:30 when the giving out of number stubs started.

But, one thing that I could praise them is the fast submission, review, and payment procedures. When I got my new number, they were servicing number 54. It didn’t take long before it was my turn.

Not all officers were as obnoxious and strict as the first one we encountered. The others that I met were nice enough to answer the questions I asked without being condescending.

It’s hard not to compare them with my experience with the Korean embassy. Good thing, there are three Pokestops within my vicinity and I was able to capture tons.



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